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BEC Vantage B2 Benchmark Unit 14

Multiple Choice Karten
Normale Karten
Total Karten
likely to achieve success soon or in the near future
within close proximity to
the state of being very near in space or time
a person who is chosen or elected by a group to speak or vote for it, especially at a meeting
happening because of a particular situation
counter-intuitive advice
an opinion which someone offers you about what you should do in a particular situation which is not what you expect
financial implication
the effect that an action or decision relating to money will have on something or someone
in due course
at a suitable time in the future
let an opportunity slip
to not use the possibility of doing something that you want to do or have to do
stroke of luck
when something good happens suddenly by chance
to experience an increase in economic activity, interest or growth
pen drive
a flash drive (= a small object for storing electronic data that can be connected to a computer and that can be carried about easily)
broaden the potential
to increase the ability of something to develop, achieve or succeed
behind the scenes
If something happens behind the scenes, it happens without most people knowing about it, especially when something else is happening publicly.
to give official permission for something
cater to
to try to satisfy a need
old hand
someone who is very experienced and skilled in a particular area of activity
cut off a conversation
to stop a conversation suddenly
industry peer
a person who has a similar job to other people involved in one type of business
the act of working together with other people or organisations to create or achieve something
a statement for a possible customer about how much a piece of work should cost
on request
If something is available on request, you have to ask for it if you want it.