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BEC Vantage B2 Benchmark Unit 19

Multiple Choice Karten
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Total Karten
tie sthg in with
to plan something so that it happens as part of another activity
extra workload
a more-than-usual amount of work that a person or machine has to do within a particular period of time
the movement of money into and out of a company's accounts, used as a measure of how much money the company spends and receives and how much profit it makes over a particular period of time
board meeting
an occasion when a group of people who are responsible for making rules and decisions on behalf of an organisation meet in order to discuss something
the amount of goods and services, or waste products, that are produced by a particular economy, industry, company, or worker
on schedule
not early or late
cut down on
to reduce the amount or number of something
implement change
to put the process of making something different into action
staff turnover
the rate at which employees leave a company and are replaced by new employees
on the shop floor
among the ordinary workers at a factory
profit and loss
money that is earned or lost in trade or business
come in someone's remit
to be responsible for a particular area of work
service provider
a company that provides internet connections and services
at peak times
at a time of day when a lot of people are using the same service, such as the Internet, phone, etc
the amount of information that can be sent between computers, over a phone line, using radio signals, etc. in a particular amount of time
powers that be
important people who have authority over others
keep up with orders
to stay level with requests from customers for goods or services
channel ideas
to use suggestions or plans for doing something in a particular way
track orders in real time
to follow the movement or progress of requests from customers in the very short amount of time needed for computer systems to receive data and information and then communicate it or make it available
working conditions
the physical situation that someone works in or is affected by
the fact of staying away from work, especially without a good reason
rush hour
one of the very busy times of the day on roads, trains, etc., in the morning when people are travelling to work and in the evening when people are going home
sick leave
a period of time that a worker is allowed to be away from work because they are ill
balance sheet
a financial statement that shows a company's assets and debts at a particular time