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BEC Vantage B2 Benchmark Unit 20

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cashflow projection
a calculation or guess about the future movement of money into and out of a company's accounts based on information that you have
base salary
basic salary: the amount of money that someone earns every year in their job, not including any extra payments they may receive
after-sales service
the business activity that involves doing things for customers provided after they have paid for and received a product or service
log on
to connect to a computer system by putting in a particular set of letters or numbers
website hosting
providing the computer equipment and software necessary for a website to be available on the Internet
monthly retainer
an amount of money that you pay to someone in order to be sure that they can work for you when you need them to
people person
someone who is good at dealing with other people
redundant site
a place on the Internet which is no longer needed where a person, company, or organisation can give information about their products or services
advantages such as medical insurance, life insurance and sick pay, that employees receive from their employer in addition to money
used to describe someone who knows a lot about science or technology, especially computers
dissatisfied customer
a person who buys a product or service and feels that it is not as good as it should be
coding of systems
to represent information in a way that is not ordinary language, as with special signs or symbols, to make it easier to trade them between countries
the activity of keeping records of all the money a company spends and receives
cloud-based approach
the use of technology, services, software, etc. on the Internet rather than software and hardware that you buy and install on your computer
file sharing
the practice of distributing computer files, for example, images, films, or music, among several computers
time zone
one of the 24 parts into which the world is divided. The time in each zone is one hour earlier than in the zone east of it, and one hour later than in the zone west of it
the act of keeping things somewhere so that they can be used later, especially goods or energy supplies
graphic design
the skill or the work of arranging text and pictures, especially in the production of books, magazines, software, etc.
data centre
a place where a number of computers that contain large amounts of information can be kept safely
virus infection
a harmful computer program intended to prevent computers from working normally
competitive advantage
the conditions that make a business more successful than the businesses it is competing with, or a particular thing that makes it more successful
emergency hotline
a special direct telephone line that people can use for dangerous or serious situations
payroll tax
any tax that is based on employees' pay, and is either paid by an employer or partly taken by an employer from what employees earn
net new clients
to be successful in getting new customers to buy goods or services from your business
realise cost savings
to make money or a profit from spending less money than was planned
a central computer that controls and provides information to other computers in a network
the way that someone thinks and feels about a company, product, service, etc.