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BEC Vantage B2 Benchmark Unit 21 + 22

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project professionalism
to have the combination of all the qualities that are connected with trained and skilled people, in a way that people notice
clear up
to give or find an explanation for something, or to deal with a problem or argument
retain a customer
to keep or continue to have a person or an organisation that buys a product or service
repeat customer
someone who buys again from a company that they have used before
point of purchase
a place such as a store where a product is bought
employee attitude
the feelings that someone who is paid to work for someone else has, and the way this makes them behave
bring in
to introduce something new such as a product
to give someone money or other advantages in exchange for good behaviour or good work, etc
the activity of working together as a team, or the skills needed to do this
used for talking about how quickly and well a person or organisation reacts to something
build long-term relationships
to create and develop ways of connecting with people over a long period of time
call-centre operative
a person who works in a large office in which a company's employees provide information to its customers, or sell or advertise its goods or services by telephone
extend your customer base
to increase the size or range of the group of people who buy or use a company's products or services
exceed expectation
to be even better than you were expecting
deal with
to take action in order to achieve something or in order to solve a problem
valuable feedback
useful information about something such as a new product or someone's work, that provides an idea of whether people like it or whether it is good
written brief
instructions on a piece of paper that explain what someone's work or task is
the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change
a printed piece of paper used to pay for particular goods or services, or to pay less than the usual price
a telephone service provided by an organisation or company to offer help and advice to people
handle an awkward customer
to deal with a difficult person who is buying your product or service successfully
provider of choice
the most popular company or organisation that sells a particular type of product or service
lack of people skills
not enough ability to deal with people in a friendly and effective way that achieves good results
a good understanding of someone and an ability to communicate well with them
car dealership
a company that has permission to sell particular cars