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enghlish (Deutsch) to khmer

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to stand                                   stehen

ឈរ                                     chooh         

to come                  kommen

មក                                        mau      (in slang)
mok  (for writening)

to ride                    fahren, reiten

to fly                      fliegen

to ride a boat         Boot fahren

ជិះ                                                chii

go somewhere                       gehe zu

ទៅ                                      daouu(w)

walk                                        laufen, gehen
go by (on) foot

ដើរ                                       daaaa

to go there                           dahin gehen

to go on foot                        gehen zu Fuss, spazieren
to stropll                               schlendern, bummeln

to stand                                stehen

ទៅ                                              daouw
ដើរ                                             daaa
ឈរ                                       chooh
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