What are the benefits of MemoCard Enterprise?

  • White Label solution in a company-like look and feel

  • All learning functions of the MemoCard app

  • Create as many learning card sets and groups

  • Admin Cockpit for user and learning group administration

  • Flexible Roles and Authorizations Management

  • Company's Learning Card Library

  • Free training for company administrator

  • Ad-free for all users

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Who is MemoCard Enterprise suitable for?

MemoCard Enterprise is designed for companies and educational institutions who want to provide an ad-free learning card application to a large number of users.
The offer includes a multi-user license for a certain number of users as well as the implementation of a white label solution, so that the company's own presence is reflected in the learning software.
With a license, companies benefit from versatile user functions as well as additional administration and administration functions.

White Label Lösung im firmeneigenen Look & Feel

MemoCard (Web & App) erscheint in der Corporate Identity der Firma. So wiederspiegelt sich der Firmenauftritt auch in der Lernsoftware wieder, und wird von den Mitarbeitern erkannt.

Admin Cockpit zur Benutzer- und Lerngruppenverwaltung

Einzelne Benutzer können über die Benutzeroberfläche erstellt werden. Will man mehrere Benutzer auf einmal erstellen, können diese via Excel hochgeladen werden und MemoCard erstellt für jeden Benutzer ein Konto.

Flexible Rollen- und Berechtigungsverwaltung

Die Rollen und Lerngruppen können einfach dem Benutzer über die Benutzer-Bearbeitungs-Oberfläche zugeteilt bzw. entfernt werden.

How much does MemoCard Enterprise cost?

The costs for the White Label application of MemoCard consist of the basic installation (one-time costs) and an annual license fee. Payment is made once a year in advance by invoice.
Basic installation (once)
The one-time installation of the White Label solution includes:
  • Implementation of the MemoCard application and app (IOS & Android) in the corporate colours
  • Implementation of company logo
  • Definition of functionalities for users
License fee (annually)
The annual license costs depend on the number of users. You can choose from a range of packages for a maximum number of users. The price is calculated according to the size of the package and is valid for one year.

MemoCard Enterprise is already successfully used by the following customers.

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