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Who hasn’t written a cheat sheet before an exam at least once their life?

And you often realised afterwards that you didn’t even need the cheat sheet at all.

The fact that you took the time to summarise the most important information and write it down in small print means that you studied the material intensively while you were writing and you conveniently remembered it.

Working with index cards follows the same principle. Simply by structuring the content to be learned and writing it down, you are already able to embed a lot of the learning material in your long-term memory.

And MemoCard wants to assist you with that.

If you consider a few more simple tips, you will master the whole syllabus in a very short time!

Tips and tricks

You can learn absolutely anywhere with the App

In a waiting room or at a bus stop – you can learn anywhere and anytime with MemoCard.

Since you always have your smartphone with you, you can access the app during short breaks and learn in small stages.

Motivated to learn with flashcards

This type of learning is very motivating because we can constantly watch the front compartments grow emptier and emptier, and the back compartments fill up.

Concentrate on what you haven't mastered yet

The 5-compartment system allows you to concentrate on the learning material that you haven’t completely mastered yet by repeating the front compartments more often.

You only need to repeat the others from time to time.

You can learn any subject with flashcards

Learning with index cards is not only suitable for vocabulary, historical data, or mathematical formulas, but can also be used for almost all fields and topics. It is particularly suitable when it comes to assigning individual terms to a definition or answers to an individual question.

What learners say about MemoCard

"... Simple and appealing layout. Less is definitely more in this case! ..."

"... I have searched the Internet for a long time for a learning program where I can enter the vocabulary myself. I take part in a Swedish course at the adult education centre and the subject matter is extensive. Learning on the computer is the best method for me. I am very satisfied with MemoCard and am also making good progress with learning ..."

"... I had tried some, but then I stayed with MemoCard ..."

"... Quizlet... perfect for learning words. Memocard I can design more individual card indexes --> better for business subjects..."

"... The app is wonderful. It allows me to learn during the journey to/from work. Time, which I would not be able to take otherwise probably so intensively ..."

"... Very clearly arranged! ..."

"... I just love Momocard. Keep it up! ..."

"... I know Studyblue. I like Memocard better because it is clearer and easier to use. And I have better control that my cards are not passed on to outsiders. But a few functions are still missing in my opinion ..."

"... Many thanks for the valuable offer! ..."

"... Absolutely super brilliant that you work without advertising! I like the font and the bright background! ..."

"... I found another good page (Quizlet). If you would mix MemoCard with Quizlet, you would get a really good product ..."

"... Thank you very much for the free app! ..."

"... Simple, no unnecessary extras etc. exactly what you need ..."

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