What is MemoCard

Whether you want to learn vocabulary for a foreign language, prepare for the theoretical car exam or repeat for school or university, with MemoCard.ch you can easily record and use any learning content on flashcards - with the MemoCard app even offline on your smartphone or tablet.

You can choose whether you want to use your flashcards in your own order or according to the proven spaced learning system.

Would you like to learn vocabulary together with your friends? Then share your flashcard with your friends by inviting them to a study group or make your flashcard publicly available.

That's how it works:

  • Register by MemoCard
  • Create your own private or public flashcard or copy one from the public flashcards.
    (If desired, you can edit the copied card index and adapt it to your own needs.)
  • Install the MemoCard App on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Use your flashcards online or offline on your smartphone or tablet

The advantages of MemoCard:

  • Easily create, manage, and use your own learning cards
  • Use and copy public learning cards
  • Learning mode according to proven Spaced learn system
  • Share learning cards with friends and learn together
  • You can create your own learning groups
  • Learn offline with the MemoCard App
  • Create learning cards with images
  • Formatting the learning card texts as desired
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