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Approaches in Psychology 1

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Describe the emergence of psychology as a science.


What is meant by introspection?

What is its weakness?

Introspection is a scientific method in which participants reflect on their own cognitive processes and describe them.

-screw you effect- participants can present false information,

What means objective?

Basing findings on facts

Replicability is

The ability to repeat the study and achive the same findings.

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind, and its functions especially those affecting behaviour in given context.

When did Wunt open his lab?


What are 4 goals of Psychology?





Describe Wundt's role in the development of psychology.


Subjective means we are

Basing findings on opinion.

What does science has to be?

Objective and focused on facts, easy to prove

What is meant by change in terms of psychological goals?

To apply psychological knowledge to prevent unwanted behaviour and to bring about desired change.

What two statements did Wunt stand by?

1. All behaviour is seen as being caused

2. If behaviour is determined 

then it should be possible to predict

How human being would behave

In different conditions.

Empirial method is

Phenomenon that can be observed and measured, testing scientifically.

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