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Deeds, charters etc formulae

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omnibus episcopis, justitariis, comitis, vicecomitibus, baronibus et omnibus fidelibus

– “to all the bishops, justices, earls, sheriffs, barons, and all [his] faithful [subjects]” [usually found in royal greetings]

in perpetuam elemosinam (various spellings of elemosinam)

– “in perpetual alms” 

reddendo inde annuatim mi(c)hi et h(a)eredibus meis

– “paying to me and my heirs annually”

his testibus / huc teste

– “with these people as witnesses” / “with this man as witness” [there follows a list of names, also in the ablative]

dedi concessi et hac presenti carta mea confirmaui

– “I have given, granted, and confirmed by this my present charter” [followed by (an) accusative(s)—the thing(s) given—and a dative—the person to whom it is given.]

in cuius rei testimonium sigillum meum hoc scripto apposui

- “in testimony of this, I have placed my seal on this writing”

die confectionis presentis carte

– “on the day of the completion of the present charter”

habendum et tenendum – “to have and to hold”

– “to have and to hold”

(in Christo) salutem

– “greetings (in Christ)” [normally at the end of the first sentence, preceded by a nominative (the person doing the greeting) and a dative (the person being greeted)]

Dei gratia 

– “by the grace of God”

sciant pr(a)esentes et futuri quod…

– “let all people present and to come know that…”

warantazabimus et defendimus … contra omnes homines

– “we shall guarantee and defend … against all men”

pro omni servicio

– “for all service” [indicates that the rent covers all feudal service attached to the land]

noverint universi quod

– “let all know that…”

notum sit tam presentibus quam futuris quod…

– “let it be known to those both present and to come that…”

(et in eadem) canonice vicarius perpetuus institutus

– “(and) being instituted according to law as perpetual vicar (in the same [church])” [in presentations of priests]

terram s(c)ituatam, iacentem et existentem

– “the land situated, lying, and existing”

in feodo et h(a)ereditate, libere et solute, quiete et pacifice

– “in fee and hereditarily, freely and without disturbance, quietly and peacefully”

salvo forinseco servicio / salvo servitio regis

– “excluding foreign service” / “excluding service to the king” [meaning that the person receiving the property is still liable for military service to the king]

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