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deeds of surrender formulae

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nos dedisse, concessisse et hac presenti carta nostra confirmasse 

- “[that] we have given, conceded and confirmed by this present charter of ours”

certis de causis

- “for certain reasons”

excellentissimo ac invictissimo Principi et Domino nostro, Domino Henrico octavo, Dei gratia Anglie et Francie Regi, fidei defensori, Domino Hibernie, et in terra Supremo Capiti Anglicane Ecclesie

- “to our most excellent and undefeated sovereign and lord, Lord Henry VIII, by the grace of God King of England and France, Defender of the Faith, Lord of Ireland, and supreme head of the Anglican Church"

habenda et tenenda 

- “to have and to hold”

unanimi assensu et consensu nostri 

- “by our unanimous assent and agreement”

(in Christo) salutem

– “greetings (in Christ)” [normally at the end of the first sentence, preceded by a nominative (the person doing the greeting) and a dative (the person being greeted)]

ex quibusdam causis iustis et racionalibus

- “for certain just and rational reasons”

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