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What does the bleed air overheat detection system (ODS) provide?
Overheat and leak detection for engine bleed, air conditioning ducts, APU bleed air and anti-ice supply ducting
How many scavenge ejector pumps are there in each collector tank?

Which landing gear systems are supplied by hydraulic system 1? (Brakes)

Outboard wheel normal braking and emergency/park brake

Which transponder modes must other aircraft be equipped with in order for TCAS to fully function?
A, C and S
Where is the Cockpit Door Control Panel located?
Control pedestal
How many Fire detector loops are fitted to each engine?
If the aircraft is on the ground and there is a CRG FWD SMOKE message: Will the low rate bottle be automatically fired?
No, must be done by the crew
Electronic circuit breakers status can be found on the:
MCDU Display
AT on the FMA for abnormal disengagement flashes:
What is indicated if the oxygen pressure on the status page shows amber?
The aircraft must not be dispatched
How many Modular Avionics Units (MAU) does the aircraft have?
Why will system 1 & 2 electrical pumps switch on for T/O and Landing?
To back up the system in case of EDP failure

The bleed air supply used for engine anti-ice is: (Which stage air?)

5th stage air

The EICAS message "PRESN AUTO FAUL" appears when?
One pressurization controller channel has failed
What is the maximum wind load for a cargo door in the open and locked position?
60 kts

What is the purpose of the Flow Limiter Valve? (HYD)

Reduces flow to reduce pump torque limiting electrical load during RAT operation to prevent the RAT stalling

What is the maximum deflection of the speed brakes in the air?
30 degrees
With the autopilot OFF, selecting the FD OFF on either guidance panel:
Will remove the FD cue from both sides
Pressing the APU emergency stop button will?
Shut down the apu immediately
Where is the crew oxygen pressure indication?
On the status synoptic page on MFD
The purpose of the wing surge tanks is to?
Collect the fuel during wing down or un-coordinated flight maneuvers
How is crew oxygen flow indicated to the crew on the mask stowage box?
An illuminated yellow star
A FAULT indication on the attendant's panel is indicated when:
Water level display not avaialable
Hydraulic systems 1 and 2 both include which of the following components?
Reservoir, EDP, electric pump and an accumulator
Electrical hydraulic pump 1 is powered by?
The systems that are lost if an overheat is detected by one of the slat overheat detection loops are:
Wing A/I on both sides
The Power Transfer Unit (PTU) is a mechanical pump which is:
Driven by system 1 pressure and uses hydraulic fluid from system 2

The elevator thrust compensator function moves the elevator ______ to compensate for engine thrust changes: (How many degrees?)

+- 5 degrees

In normal operations how many modes do the MFS have?
What is the range of vertical speed that can be selected?
-8000 to +6000fpm
What does the water dump button do?
Dumps portable water in flight
What signifies the end of the photoluminescent strip exit path?
Double red dots
When the Wing ice protection button is pushed in, the system will operate:
In either AUTO or ON mode as selected with the MODE selector knob
The rudder pedals allow a maximum steering angle on 7 degrees, is this true regardless of aircraft speed?
Weather Radar turbulence returns are only displayed with a selected range of:
50 nm
The APU is used primarily on the ground as
A pneumatic source for air conditioning and engine starts
What is the purpose of the wing surge tanks?
The surge tanks collect the fuel during wing-down or uncoordinated flight manoevers
Where is the Engine Oil level indicated?
MFD Status page
What does an amber striped bar in an engine bleed button indicate?
A leak is detected
When will the RAT be deployed automatically ?
When AC BUS 1 and AC BUS 2 have lost power
What happens if an ice detector fails and icing conditions are encountered?
The remaining detector will activate the engine and wing anti-ice systems
Where is the Passenger Cabin Emergency light switch located?
Overhead panel
Where are the brake temperatures indicated?
On the MFD Status page
If ALL is selected on the MCDU T/O Dataset menu, wing anti-ice will be available on the ground:
With wheel speed above 40kts
How many frequencies are transmitted by the ELT?
The water tank level is located on the
Aft attendants panel
Roll trim runaway can be prevented by:
Pressing and holding the autopilot/trim disconnect button
If the the radios cannot be tuned via the MCDU Radio page or CCD, the Backup Radio page will allow tuning of:
COM 1, NAV 1, XPDR 1
The windshield wipers will automatically stop:
If operated on a dry windshield

Will The FASTEN SEAT BELTS actrivate automatically in case of mask deployment?


How many APU fire extinguisher bottles are there?
With the Ice Detection Mode Selector knob set to ON, when will the ENGINE A/I systems operate?
Whenever the engines are operating
Amber dashes on N1 Target digital readouts indicate: What difference of %, N1 or N2?
Invalid information
The speeds which should be entered on MCDU Performance Data (takeoff) page 3 are:
V1, VR, V2 and VFS
What action must you carry out before the AC GPU is disconnected by the ground staff?
The GPU push button must be pushed out
The function of the Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitor (RAIM) is to check the integrity of the:
Data transmitted by the GPS satellites
The APU has ______ fire detectors.
When do the brake wear pins indicated that the brakes need replacing?
Pins are flush
The GND PROX G/S INHIB switch is located on the:
Center panel
Where is the Emergency/Parking Brake light situated?
Main fwd panel
When is drainage of the water tank automatically interrupted?
When the landing gear is lowered
The GND PROX FLAP OVRD switch is located on the
Control pedestal
In the event of a loss of an IRU, the affected PFD can be source selected to the remaining IRU by
Means of a pushbutton on the IRS reversionary panel

The main components of the Cabin Pressure Control System (CPCS) are? (5 things)

One CPC, one outflow valve, one negative relief valve, one positie relief valve, and one static port

(HYD) On the ground, in AUTO, if engine 1 started, when the parking brake is released, What happens to HYD2 ACMP?

It is started automatically

What are the maximum settings of the weather radar tilt function?
15 degree up and 15 down
When the cross-bleed switch has been pushed out, the indication is:
EICAS advisory message "XBLEED SW OFF"
The Radar Altimeter range of operation is from
-20 to 2500 ft

(FUEL) When will the AC PUMP 1 operate?

During engine no 1 start

The EGPWS solid yellow color indicates?
Caution terrain approximateley 60 sec from impact
The interphone system provides communication between the:
Flight deck, flight attendants, and ramp personnel
If an un-commanded thrust reverser deployment occurs, the FADEC automatically:
Reduces and limits the thrust of the affected engine to IDLE

What causes the A/P to disengage automatically? (Abnormal, when in the Low speed zone)

Stick shaker activation

Where is the waste tank service panel located?
Aft right hand side of fuselage
What is the meaning of the EGPWS solid yellow color?
Caution terrain approximateley 60 sec from impact
What color is indicated on the MFD synoptic status page when a passenger door vent flap is closed?
The color indication on the oxygen status indicator which shows that only two crew members can fly on the flight deck is:
The TGT function alerts the crew to the presence of weather beyond the selected range up to a range of:
How many Inertial Reference Units (IRUs) are installed?
How many seconds after a landing gear position discrepancy is detected will a disagreement indication be displayed?
20 seconds
Below which altitude will the vacuum generator create differential pressure for the waste system
18000 ft
When the Ignition switch is set to _______, the FADEC has total control of the ignition system.
Pressing the centre of the ALT selector knob does what?
Provides the selected ALT in METERS to be displayed on the PFD
The Service Tank indication illuminates on the attendant's panel when the waste tank capacity reaches:
If OFF set on the T/O data set menu and mode selector set to auto. When will the engine anti ice come on if ice is detected after T/O
1700 ft AGL or 2 min after lift off
The FPR (Flight Path Reference line) appears on the PFD whenever
FPR or FPA button is pressed, or AFCS reverts to FPA mode automatically
Which electrical supply normally powers the refuel panel?
DC BUS 1 and DC BUS 2
What is the total E190 useable fuel capacity?
13100 kg
Providing that the present acceleration/deceleration rate is maintained, the airspeed trend vector will show the projected airspeed in how many seconds ahead?
Locked Wheel protection is active anytime on the ground and at wheel speeds above:
30 kts
A FLEX takeoff is set on the MCDU:
T/O dataset menu page
The hand wheel allows steering angle depending on?
Aircraft speed
Which AC pump selector knob setting will override the crossfeed command?
Any position other than AUTO

When manual airspeed is selected by the flight crew, how is it displayed on the PFD (Color)


When will the speed brakes automatically stow? (What flap setting, and which TLA)

Flap 2 selected and TLA above 40 degrees

What is the indication on the Fuel synoptic page of a failed off electric fuel pump?
A grey circle with a white windmill beneath an amber cross

In the event of a jam in one of the control columns the disconnect mechanism can be actuated by? (What lever or handle)

Using the disconnect handle in the cockpit

When AC power is not powering the AC buses in flight:
The RAT is automatically deployed and after 8 sec supplies power to the AC ESS BUS
When smoke is detected in the forward lavatory:
An EICAS warning LAV SMOKE will be displayed in the cockpit
When LOW 1 is selected on the fuel control panel:
Fuel cross feed valve opens and AC PUMP 2 activates

The left thrust reverser is actuated by: (HYD)


How many emergency exits does the Embraer 190 have in the passenger cabin
Six - two pax, two service doors, two overwing exits
What is displayed on the IESS screen during alignment?
INIT 90s
What does the FADEC control on engine start?
Fuel flow, start command, and ignition command
Fuel tank vents are designed to?
Keep the fuel pressure differential between the fuel tanks and the atmosphere within structural limits
In icing conditions, when will the N1 wing anti-ice cyan line be displayed?
Below 1200ft AGL with landing gear down and flaps extended
Taxi lights are installed
On the nose gear and in the wing roots
Pulling down an Engine Fire Handle in the cockpit will:
Shutoff the fuel system, the hydraulic fluids and the bleed air system of the respective engine
The altitude select mode captures and levels off at the selected altitude. A _____________is displayed on the FMA while altitude select mode is capturing the pre-selected altitude.
Green ASEL
If the engine bleed valve is closed, will engine anti-ice still be available?
When will the cyan tick mark be displayed on the N1 gauge?
Final approach, radaio alt below 1200 agl, gear and flaps extended in icing conditions

ATTCS will automatically command engine reserve thrust whenever it is armed, thrust levers are at TOGA and the following condition occurs: (How many % N1 or N2?)

15% N1

The purpose of the engine fuel SOV is to:
Prevent fuel from entering fire zones
What class of compartments are the cargo compartments
Class C
Should the electronic and the hydraulic systems fail, the landing gear can still be lowered using the:
Alternate gear extension lever
The transponder receives and transmits altitude information from:
ADS of the coupled side
If the PSEM fails, how should the landing gear be extended?
By the extension override switch located in the alternate gear extension compartment
The preview mode may be activated by
Auto tuning being enabled and an ILS is part of the FMS flight plan
What color is indicated on the MFD synoptic status page when an access door is open?
When cross feeding, an Advisory message, FUEL EQUAL X FEED OPEN, appears. At what fuel imbalance quantity is this message shown?
45 kg
When will the No.1 engine bleed valve be commanded open?
When the No 1 bleed switch is pushed in and the engine is running
Following a jammed control column (pitch), when the Elevator Disc Handle is pulled:
The unrestricted control column controls its own side elevator
Where is the standby compass / clock brightness control knob located?
On the right hand glare shield light control panel
The engine bleed valve will be commanded open when the associated bleed air switch is:
Pushed in and the engine is running
During cruise above 37,000 ft, the nominal differential pressure is limited to:
8.4 PSI
The internal emergency lights power units are designed to supply power for at least:
10 minutes
The ADF receiver may be tuned on which MCDU page?
Radio page 1
Is towing allowed if the steering motor is pressurized?
When an external air cart is connected to the aircraft:
An icon is displayed on the EICAS page
Until the reversers are fully deployed reverse thrust is limited to?
Min reverse
When will the TO mode be deactivated?
When another vertical mode is selected
Final approach idle is set by the FADEC when:
The aircraft is at an altitude of less than 1200ft and in the approach mode configuration
What is the indication of an in transit fuel valve?
A green or white circle with a line diagonal to the flow line
The FPA button when pressed will display on the FMA in what color?
How are the VHF communications radios usually tuned?
On the MCDU radio page
What colour is the Towing light on the nose wheel leg when the A/C is safe to tow?
Where are the wing and cowl anti-ice systems controlled and operated from?
Ice protection control panel and MCDU
ACARS uses which radio for data transmission

The Touch Control Steering (TCS) button when pressed and held:

Causes the A/P servos to disengage, if A/P is engaged, allowing the aircraft to be manually flown

The primary fuel pump is ?
An ejector

Speed control automatically switches from IAS to MACH in climb and MACH to IAS during descent at approximately: (Altitude)


Should the airspeed fall below 130 kts, the RAT will only supply which bus?
AC ESS bus
The forced standby mode (FSBY) of the weather radar system is displayed:
During final approach
The recirculation fans are commanded off when:
The DUMP button is pressed
Each SF-ACE is a dual channel unit with:
1 channel for flap control and 1 channel for slat control
In the case of loss of the MAUs, the transponder code is entered on:
When IDG1 or IDG2 is selected off:
The generator is de-energised and the line contactor is open
The light which is illuminated at the attendant's station when the Sterile switch has been select to on ON is:
Blue Rainbow light
The AC electrical system comprises:
Two IDGs, one APU gen, an inverter, a RAT and 1 AC external power unit
The oxygen mask microphones are activated by opening the door of the stowage box:
Or by pressing the Test/Reset button
When can the APU bleed air be used for anti-ice operation:
What is the maximum wind gust for opening a passenger door?
The APU fire detection loops are powered by the:
When one of the ice detectors senses icing conditions:
A blue ICE CONDITION message is displayed
How many lights are there to indicate the water tank quantity?
The basic vertical mode is:
The IDG icon is displayed green when?
IDG avail and IDG selector knob is auto
What is the primary purpose of external DC?
Starting the APU
In case of total electrics failure, the emergency lighting is powered by
Six dedicated Emergency Lights Power Units (ELPUs)
What color is the escape slides ARMED indication
FADEC does not offer any protection for hot and hung starts:
In flight
How many ADS systems are there?
Which hydraulic system supplies the left outboard elevator actuator?
Hydraulic 1
Which bus feeds Hydraulic system 3 ELEC PUMP B?
In normal operation the Landing Field Elevation (LFE) is set by:
The FMS and is green on EICAS
TRU switches are positioned to OFF:
Only when directed to do so by the checklist
If in Auto, when is the probe heating system switched on:
On engine start
What is the priority order for PA announcements?
Cockpit, FA, pre recorded messages
Which CBs can be reset via the MCDU?
Electronic CBs
If more than one bleed source is available the AMS uses what priority ranking?
Onside engine, opposite engine, and APU if available
How is VHF Comm 2 frequency changed on the first officer's PFD?
On the CCD by selecting the right format location button
What will happen if FMS position information is lost from all sensors or is inhibited?
The FMS will go into DR mode using airspeed and IRS heading
If extended during approach the speed brakes will automatically retract upon?
Selecting flap 2 or speed less than 180 kt
A flashing orange rainbow light indicates
Smoke detected in a lavatory
From where is the motive flow that powers the primary ejector pump supplied?
The engine high pressure fuel pump
The CPCS flight modes for which the CPCS calculates a target cabin altitude are:
Ground, taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent and abort
APU bleed air cannot be used for:
Anti-ice operation
How many windshield wiper mode selections can be made including OFF?
A ground connection is available to connect
A high pressure external air source for engine starting
How is alternative VHF tuning accomplished?
Via the CCD tuning knob and PFD
Touchdown protection prevents brake application until _____________ after aircraft touchdown.
Three seconds
Should a discrepancy exist between the uplock and downlock sensors on the same landing gear, the sensor in agreement witn the ______ will be considered valid
Landing gear lever
“Proximate” traffic is shown:
As a cyan solid diamond
What hydraulic system powers the thrust reversers?
Systems 1 and 2

Which of the following statements is correct regarding the sources of bleed air?

At low engine power setting bleed is extracted from 9th stage, and at high power settings it is extracted from the 5th stage. Is this correct?


If the Takeoff Data Set (TDS) ref anti-ice is OFF with the ice protection mode selector in AUTO, when will the wing anti-ice system activate?
On reaching 1700ft AGL or 2 minutes after liftoff
How long approximately will the passenger oxygen flow after it has been activated?
12 min
During an auto relight, the icon WML and AB are shown by the ITT & N2 gauge. After what time should you terminate the start if relight does not occur?
30 seconds
IRS alignment time can be found on the:
IRS Status page on MCDU
How many red beacon lights does the Embraer 170/190 have
Flex thrust is based on an assumed temp that is: Entered where?
On the MCDU TO data set page
How many landing lights does the Embraer 170/190 have
While carrying out an engine start, the FADEC will not allow fuel flow if the ITT is above _______
120 degrees celcius
With the Recirculation fan button in the Auto position, the fans are commanded OFF:
If the dump button is pressed in
The engine fire extinguishing bottle receives power from the
At and below what fuel state, per tank, will cause a FUEL 1 (2) LO LEVEL warning?
400 kg
When will the Passenger Oxygen Masks deploy when the Selection switch is in the OFF position?
Mask will not deploy as automatic deployment is disabled
Following an aileron disconnect, if the jam was on the captain’s side:
The FO retains control of the right aileron without normal artificial feel and roll trim
GA-RSV is limited to? how many minutes?
The Global Positioning System
Supplies supplemental navigation information and operates automatically
The PTU transfers hydraulic power from system 1 to system 2 to guarantee operation of which system?
Landing gear lowering and raising
How many full brake applications are available from the emergency/parking brake system?
What indications are there when the Autopilot disengages for a malfunction in addition to the EICAS message?
An aural "Autopilot" and a flashing red AP on the FMA
Electronic CBs are located in the:
If an engine fire extinguishing system failure occurs
There is no indication until a handle is pulled and rotated giving a fail message on EICAS
To discharge both the Engine fire bottles:
Rotate the Engine fire handle to the left and right
What do the high-density red dots on the EGPWS terrain warning display mean?
Terrain is more than 2000ft above the airplane
When will the cross bleed valve be commanded open?
XBLEED button pushed in and the APU bleed button pushed out
What selections can be made with the Emergency Light Selector Knob?
Off, Armed, On
When overspeed protection activates:
An amber OVSP indication is displayed on the FMA

The AC GPU button: (Location, and what does it do?)

Is located on the elctrical system panel and controls the AC external power

The main component of the IRS is the Inertial Reference Unit (IRU), which interfaces with the:
Modular Avionic Unit (MAU)
Each engine is equipped with ______ fire detectors
The Electric Override Switch bypasses the PSEM and commands gear extension using:
Electrical and hydraulic power
The Elevator Thrust Compensation (ETC) function, stabilizing the aircraft around the pitch axis, will be available?
In normal mode only as it is computed in the FCM unit
Should the crew release the parking brake before the GPU has been disconnected:
A caution GPU CONNECTED message is displayed
After touchdown, the FCM will command all multifunction spoiler surfaces to the 40° fully extended position when the following occurs
The ADF receiver is tuned:
Manually via the MCDU
Each Thrust reverser half has: how many and what type of actuators?
2 hydraulic actuators
The transponder code may be entered on which MCDU pages?
Radio page 1 or TCAS/XPDR page 1
Any time the A/P is normally disengaged, an aural "Autopilot" is triggered and the FMA displays:
A red flashing "AP" indication
The PBEs provide breathing protection for a minimum of:
20 min
Once the engine reaches 50% N2, the FADEC is powered by:
Its own PMA
The green WML icon appears next to the ITT gauge when?
The FADEC has detected an engine flameout and the auto relight system is enabled to restart the engine
The warm-up period of the Weather Radar system is approximately:
90 sec
In the flight level change thrust cotrol mode - Speed on elevator SPD-E, the autothrottle:
Maintains a fixed thrust setting and the AP maintains the selected speed via the elevator
There are two actuators on the rudder, an upper and a lower. Which one does the Captain control?
The upper actuator
The cargo doors open:
Outward ad are hinged along their upper edge
The free wheel steering mode can be engaged by?
Use of a switch on either control wheel
When a call is received from an attendant station, the cockpit indication is:
The ACP CAB or EMERG button is flashing
The potable water storage tank quantity indication is located on the:
AFT flight attendant panel
What does the white line between AC Bus 1 and AC Bus 2 on the Electrical Synoptic page indicate?
No volgate is sensed between them
When the push button is pushed out, the respective anti-ice system will?
Not operate and a white bar is illuminated across the push-button
In GA mode, pitch is limited to
A minimum 8 degrees and a maximum 18 degrees nose up
How are the passenger doors moved to the locked open position
By sliding the door fully forward
The NAV radios may be tuned on the MCDU by:
Frequency on radio page 1 and identifier or frequency on progress page 1
With the ELT switch in “ARM” what automatically activates the ELT?
A deceleration sufficient to activate the impact switch
In the event of an APU fire on the ground:
The APU will shut down immediately
On the FMA, WHITE indications are
Armed modes
After water tank inflight drainage has commenced, what needs to be done to discontine drainage?
Press the water dump push button in the cockpit
The positive pressure relief valve will operate if the differential pressure exceeds:
8.6 PSI
With the AC GPU powering the aircraft, what indications will be seen on the Electrical Panel when the APU GEN comes on line?
The "IN USE" light is replaced by the "AVAIL" light
How many cooling fans are there in the aft electronic bay?
When will touchdown protection be deactivated?
WoW for 3 sec or wheel speed greater than 50kts
Scavenge pumps:
Ensure continous fuel feed to the engine through the whole flight envelope
When a fire is detected by the APU fire detection loops on ground
The APU will shut down after 10 sec if the is no commanded shutdown through the APU emergency stop
If ENG is selected on the MCDU T/O Dataset menu, when will engine anti-ice be available?
After engine start on the ground or in flight
The EICAS warning message CABIN ALTITUDE HI appears when the cabin altitude exceeds:
9700 ft
When set to AUTO, the electric hydraulic pump 1 will operate:
Only when the EDP fails or during certain phases of flight
When are the ADSP and TAT probe heaters powered?
Whenever the engines are operating
What happens if the backup trim switch is pressed with autopilot engaged?
The AP disengages
Both the engine and the wing anti-ice will remain on until:
2 or 5 minutes after the ice detectors no longer sense icing conditions depending on mod state of aircraft
What is the maximum operating time of the trim switches?
Three seconds
During normal takeoff with ATTCS armed (white), when will it turn green?
When the thrust levers are in the TOGA gate
Where is the cockpit indication that a passenger, service, or cargo door is unlocked?
MFD Status page
What is the altitude range for targets with TCAS set to Normal?
Within 2700 ft above or below current aircraft altitude
The oxygen cylinder is pressurized to:
1850 PSI
Limited Thrust (LIM) is indicated by:
An amber LIM on the FMA
On the ground, the DC GPU can be connected to the aircraft to supply power to:
APU Start Bus
Accumulators are installed in each hydraulic sub system to
Maintan a constant pressure during periods of transient flow demands
In flight if only a single power source is available and both windshield heating systems are operative, which windshield system is powered?
Both packs will be commanded off during takeoff when:
ECS OFF is set on the MCDU T/O DATASET page
The flight deck and cabin temperatures are controlled:
By the pilots, but the cabin temp can also be controlled by the flight attendant provided the controller is set to CABIN
System 1 and 2 hydraulic fluid is stored in?
Spearate reservoirs
If a fire was detected in a cargo bay, which of the following EICAS messages would you get?
What is a condition for automatic operation of the PTU?
Aircraft in flight
The vertical speed scale extends from -4000ft/min to +4000ft/min with an expanded scale between
-1000 ft/min to +1000ft/min
The Pitch Trim Control switches have a ___ second time limitation when actuated separately.
7 second
The battery icons on the Electrical Synoptic page turn white when:
Battery output is less than 18V
Should and IDG fail in flight, power can be supplied to the system by?
The offside IDG
Hydraulic system 1 powers which flying controls?
Upper rudder, left elevator outboard
IRS alignment on the ground can take up to:
10 minutes
After an engine fire is detected the indication will remain until?
The fire detection has stopped sensing a fire
What transmission modes may VHF Com 3 be tuned for?
Data or voice
When on the ground, with engine 1 running and hydraulic pump 1 & 2 in auto, releasing the parking brake will do what?
Start electric hyd pump 2
The cargo doors are
Manually operated, machanically held in position
How is overpressure in the integral wing tank prevented?
A pressure relief valve opens
How many magnetic fuel level indicators are fitted in each wing?
What is the maximum steering angle possible from the rudder pedals
+- 7 degrees
During takeoff and landing, when will the PTU automatically activate
If Engine 2 or EDP 2 fail
The pilots' oxygen cylinder is stored:
The forward cargo compartment
The Windshear mode is active below:
1500 ft AGL
The purpose Approach Idle:
Enables rapid acceleration should a go-around be initiated
When a fire is detected by the APU fire detection loops:
A red warning message appears on EICAS
Windshear detection is active?
Between 10 and 1500ft
When does the purge valve open?
Automatically opens when the control knob is set to emergency
How many vertical modes can be armed at one time?
Pushing the test button on the fire extinguisher panel will:
Test the engine and APU fire detection system as well as the cargo smoke detection system
Aileron control is accomplished
Through conventional cable system which transmit inputs to the aileron power control units
The fuel tank quanity display is:
Both digital and analogue on the MFD
Should the oil filter in the lubrication system become clogged, the ensuing EICAS advisory message would be:
The first thing that happens when you press an illuminated Cargo Extinguishing button is?
The High rate bottle is fired
What color is indicated on the MFD synoptic status page when a passenger door vent flap is open
Conditioned air to the flight deck normally comes from?
Pack 1
The N1 wing anti-ice tick mark is only set:
During final approach below 1200 rad alt in icing condition with landing gear or flaps extended
With reference to engine fire protection, which statement is correct? Can both bottles be discharged to either engine?
The hydraulic reservoirs are pressurized by?
A mechanical piston
When operating with a single pack, the temperature control associated with the disabled pack will:
Not function
Which of the following components regulates the airflow into the ECS packs?
The flow control valve
The BKUP button activates backup operation when:
Audio panel power fails or both digital buses fail
Oil quantity readout is found on
MFD Status page
The windshield heaters are on as soon as there is power on:
At least 2 AC electrical sources
For both the temperature and pressure indications on the Hydraulic synoptic page, amber indicates:
Cautionary operating range
If the APU is inoperative and no AC ground power is available the ________________ will be used for the intial fuel supply
DC fuel pump
How is TCAS proximate traffic indicated
As a cyan solid diamond
The HF radio is tuned on which radio page?
MCDU radio page 2
How many Dome Lights does the E190 have?
When windscreen wipers are set to timer, the intermittent operation is:
8 seconds
When LOW 2 is selected on the fuel control panel:
Fuel cross feed valve opens and AC PUMP 1 activates
On hydraulic system 3: Which bus powers Pump 3A?
The Autothrottle Engagement Annunciation is:
On the E190, the engine bleed air is sourced from which engine compressor stages?
5th stage HP and 9th stage LP
In T/O mode what is the minimum and maximum Pitch Angle Limit?
Min 8 degrees and Max 18
How many up lock sensors does each landing gear leg have?
Radio backup tuning is available:
Through MCDU 2 in case of the loss of MAU 1 and 2
The nose wheel steering is powered by?
After automatic RAT deployment, what is the time delay before it will power the ESS BUSES?
8 sec
In the event of a failure in the PSEM electronics, the landing gear should be extended by means of?
By the electrical override switch
If one Ice detector fails:
The aircraft can be dispatched into icing conditions
What is the minimum dispatch pressure for the portable oxygen cylinder
1200 PSI
Where are the SF-ACE units located?
Two in the middle electronics bay
The AMS commands the APU bleed valve open when the:
APU bleed is available
If the cargo compartment fire extinguisher is manually armed on the ground, how is it disarmed?
It will disarm after 2 min by itself, or by pressin the fire system test
What is the rating of Battery 1?
22.8 V DC, 27 A
What does an illuminated amber LED next to the IDG selector switch indicate?
Indicates the IDG which must be disconnected
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