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Can ACARS datalink oceanic clearance be received when departing Iceland?
No, the Oceanic clearance will be given via Voice from the Tower/Delivery
A flight plan should be delayed in the event of delay in excess of?
15 min when subject to AFTM restrictions, otherwise 30 min
What do you need to do if you want to call for pushback 5min earlier than TSAT?
Update the EOBT via the handling agent
What is the Telex for OW?
To maintain the CAT C aerodrome qualification, the aerodrome shall be visited at least XXXX within a 12 month period
At least one visit
At what time are you able to request a DCL (Departure Clearence) at most airports?
25 minutes before Scheduled departure time
You have ordered fuel via the fuel app, then receive an aircraft change. What do you need to do?
Order the fuel again in the app
The METAR and TAF winds are in reference to? Magnetic or True?
You are to commence an CAT 2 approach into a newly added destination or runway. What do you need to make sure of?
That the runway is in the Approved list of CAT 2 approaches (OM-C 5.2)
A flight to a CAT C aerodrome shall always be flown by?
By the Commander
Can a flight towards a remote tower destination have an alternate which is also remote tower controlled?
Yes and No. Yes if its controlled by two different Remote Tower Centers.
What is the earliest time you can request NAT HLA clearance?
25 min prior to the entry point
Where can you check the RAIM availability?
What is the earliest time a CTOT can be issued?
2 hours prior to EOBT
What are the radials from "ALPDD" (N4630, E00830) which forms the "Decision Line"?
R090 and R225
By signing the Operational flightplan the commander certifies that XXXXXXXXXXXX are briefed and if required, qualified to operate to/from that aerodrome
Both the commander and the Co-pilot
When will the OFP be available to download?
3 hours priod STD
What is the email to OW?
What is the time limit to accept a DCL clearance?
5 minutes
What is the frequency to contact OW?
131.7 MHz
If the flight level in the oceanic clearance differs from the current domestic flight level, what must be done?
A climb or descent should be requested from the domestic ATC
What is the telephon number to OW?
+45 32 32 35 85
Regarding TSAT, at what time prior will pushback become available?
5 min prior to the TSAT
What must you do to enable Slot telexes to be received by the ACARS?
The INIT REQ must have been completed.
When will a flight be suspended?
Approximately 30 min after EOBT/STD
How do you convert a "True" TAF/METAR wind into a Magnetic wind for X-wind considerations?
Magnetic variation East is least, West is best
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