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English Language - Block 1 AS

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concrete nouns

table, chair, apple

latinate words

 words that are polysyllabic and formal, example. investigate

Declarative sentence

The rain fell heavy

-make a statement


putting certain details at the start of sentences

Simple sentence

The dork barked

Compound sentence

The dog barked and waged its tail- but the dog was ignored.

abstract nouns

nations, differences, people, harmony

different types of nouns:

- proper

- concrete

- abstract

name some linguistic features

- pronoun patterns

- nouns (concrete/abstract)

- passive words/ active words

- register 

- semantic field


under, by, near

subordinate clause- 

part of a sentence that doesnt make sense on its own.

omnisient narrator

all knowing writer


how the text is constructed, organised, orgered 

- chronological, sequential

4 types of Sentence functions?

- declarative

- interrogative

- exclamative

- imperative

What is register?

The formality of a text

Interrogative sentence

Is it raining?

- ask a question

6 rethorical devices found in speeches?

- repetition for effect

- tripling

- rethorical questions

- imperatives

- inclusive usage

- emotive language

What makes the register very formal?

Use of complex sentences, latinate words and abstract nouns.


I, you, he-she-it, we you they

fancy word for vocabullary?


Complex sentence

The dog barked because she was hungry

What makes the register colloquial?

use of short, simple sentences, monosyllabic words, and concrete nouns.


overall text, text type, its shape and nature

(pampjelt, magazine, article, newspaper, sonnet)

name a few examples of a register





very formal...

Exclamatory sentence

How heavy the rain is!

- express suprise, shock, strenght of feeling and so on


what are 4 main types of sentences?

- Simple

- Complex

- Compound

- Verbless

Imperative sentence-

Shut all the windows!

- give an order or command

main clause-

part of a sentence that makes sense on its own

CAP is-

Context Audience Purpose

Direct adress


inclusive pronouns

I, you, we

Verbless sentence-

Oh no, our table!

semantic/rethorical field

xxxx xxxxx dark, xxx xxxx xxx quiet,

xxxx xxxx xx bloody, xxxx xxxx xx

bone-sharp, xxxx xxxx xxx xx hallow

word classes are

 how we organise words into different types

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