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From English to Korean

Here you must translate the given English sentences into Hangeul Korean sentences.

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Please take this!

이거 받아주세요!

Do not bother your friend!

친구를 괴롭회면 안돼!

I am offended!

기분 나빠!

I can not take this off in public.

이것만큼은 남들 앞에서 벗을 수 없어.

Will you obey the queen?

그녀에게 복종하겠읍니다?

I think he is tired.

그는 지친 것 같아.

What is it?


You guys, take off my clothes.

너회도 어서 벗어.

I thought it would look good on you!

역시 잘 어울릴거라 생각했어!

We are explorers.

우리는 탐험가입니다.

There is a rumor that a goblin comes out of the forest.

숲에서 요괴가 나온다는 소믄이 있어.

Was there any accommodation here?

여기에 숙박 시설이 있었나?

It is dangerous.


I want to have new furniture.

새 가구가 갖고 싶어.

You have to take off your shoes here.

여기서는 신발을 벗어야 해.

The department store is a good place.

백화점은 좋은 곳이구나.

I like this.

나는 이게 좋아.

But I am glad to got a love confess!

그래도 고백 받으니까 설레더라!

I wish I could fly in the sky.

하늘을 날 수 있다면 좋을텐데.

The fox is flying in the sky.

여우가 하늘을 날고 있어.

I do not like it.

마음에 안들어.

He is hardened.

그가 굳어버렸어.

I spent a good time.

즐어운 시간을 보냈다.

The sea is nice.

바다는 좋구나.

I think she is looking this way.

이 쪽을 쳐다보는 것 같아.

I think I am lost.

길을 잃은것 같아.

I just wanted to play a joke on someone I like.

나는 좋아하는 사람한테 장난치고 싶었을 뿐이야.

I will wash it for you.

내가 씻겨줄게.

I do not think you know you are a man.

네가 남자인걸 모르는 것같아.

I can not see the road.

길이 안보여.

Where did you get that egg?

그 알은 어디서 났어?

Is that a swimsuit?

그거 수영복이야?

She is not doing anything.

그녀는 아무것도 하지 않아.

I am a traveler.

나는 여행자.

How should I tie it?

어떻게 묶어야 좋을까?

I like vacation spots.

나는 휴양지가 좋아.

Friend has fallen into decay.

동료가 타락해버렸다.

Why did you not take off your gloves and shoes?

장갑이랑 신발을 왜 벗지 않은 거야?

May I take your order?


You have to wash her away.

니가 씻겨줘야 해.

I have a worry.

나 고민이 있어.

Are you going to bed already?

벌쎄 자는거야?

The beach is the best in summer.

여름엔 해변이 최고야.

I need to help a customer who seems to be in trouble.

곤란해 보이는 고객을 도와줘야겠다.

Lying on the grass feels good.

잔디 위에 누워 있는건 기분 좋아.

I think everyone is looking at me.

다들 나를 쳐다보는 것 같아.

I confessed to him.

그에게 고백했습니다.

I did not bring my swimsuit.

수영복을 챙기지 않았네.

You can show me you are a man.

네가 남자라는 걸 보여주면 돼.

I am going to take a bath.

목욕 할래.

Your body has become messy.

너의 몸이 지저분해졌어.

It was a dream.


What is this situation now?

지금 이건 무슨 상황인걸까?

He looks very tired.

매우 지친 모습입니다.

I got a confession of love.

내가 고백을 받았거든.

We have to do whatever she wants.

그녀가 원하는건 뭐든지 해야 해.

It has been a long time since I went to the bathhouse with my friend.

친구와 함께 목욕탕에 가는건 오랜만이야.

Do you want to see it?

너도 볼래?

I am wandering all over the country.

전국을 떠돌고 있다.

What are you ashamed of?

뭐가 부끄러운거야?

Please make yourself comfortable!

편히 쉬세요!

I untied the string by mistake.

실수로 끈을 풀어버렸다.

I am gonna prepare a new business.

새로운 사업을 준비할거야.

I gave her a new swimsuit as a present.

그녀에게 새 수영복을 선물했습니다.

Why do you keep following me?

왜 자꾸 쫒이오는 거야?

We have to cross that sea.

저 바다를 건너야 해.

He is really cool.

그는 정말 멋있다.

You look happy, though.

그래도 즐거워 보이네.

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