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How many divisions of IFT are there and list 10.
24 Divisions. Dairy Foods, Food Engineering, Food Packaging, International, Food Chemistry, Carbohydrates, Foodservice, Biotechnology, Food Laws & regulation, Muscle food, Nutrition, Product development, Protein, Quality Assurance
Who is the president of IFT?
Cindy Stewart
Name 5 divisions of IFT.
Dairy Foods, Food Engineering, Food Packaging, International, Food Chemistry, Carbohydrates, Foodservice, Biotechnology, etc.
Who is the publisher of food technology?
Institute of food technologists
Name 5 events conducted by IFTSA.
CB, Mars Product Developent Competition, DSDC, JFSE Food Science in Action Contest. UG Research Competition, etc.
How many IFT achievement awards will be given out at the 2018 IFT annual meeting?
In which cities will IFT annual meeting event First be hosted for the following years: 2022 2023 2024 and 2025
Chicago for a while.
As of 2006, what is IFTs definition of Food Science?
Food science draws from many disciplines such as biology, chemical engineering, and biochemistry in an attempt to better understand food processes and ultimately improve food products for the general public.
What is the address for the Washington DC office of IFT?
818 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20006-2702
How old is IFT?
As of 2018 IFT is 79 years old
Who is the president of the Washington DC IFT?
Sarah Levy
Who comprises the executive committee of the IFTSA?
Elected Officers (Voting), Area Meeting Chairs, Competitions Chairs
In what year was IFT founded?
IFT is celebrating an anniversary of CFS certification. What anniversary of CFS is taking place in 2018, and what milestone is being reached with the number of certified food scientists?
5 year anniversary, 2000 CFSs
What is the web address for IFT?
In what year was the first Nicolas Appert award awarded?
How many teams will be competing in the College Bowl competition finals in June?
Who won the calvert wiley award for distinguished service to IFT in 2017?
V.M. Balasubramaniam
Who is the current president-elect of IFT?
Michele Perchonok
When/where was the feeding tomorrow fun run held 1st time?
New Orleans, 2001
What are the names of the two journals published by IFT?
Food Technology and Journal of Food Science
What was the first type of student competition held by IFT?
undergraduate research paper forum
What are the six classes of IFT membership?
Premier, premier early carrier, networking and engagement, international joint membership, emeritus, student
What does OFG stand for in a popular food science blog?
Official Food Geek
Who is the current chair of Feeding Tomorrow?
Bernhard van Lengerich
Who is the current past-president of IFT?
Vickie Kloeris
What was the first year of the IFTSA product development competition?
What positions are on the board of directors of IFTSA?
VP chapter engangement, VP membership engangement, VP competitions, VP volunteer development, VP digital and social media and Member-at-large
In what year was food technology first published?
What national IFT award recognizes excellence in university teaching?
william v. cruess award
How many years has the IFT Fellows designation been used to honor members of IFT?
48 years
Name five of the 17 categories of college level questions and we are requiring exact wording.
Cullinology and baking, food chemistry, Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, food safety toxicology and microbiology, biotechnology. Carbohydrates, cereal and grain products, dairy products, food analysis and quality assurance, food history and trivia, food laws and regulations, food packaging, food processing and engineering. Fruit, and vegetable products IFT knowledge, meat, fish, poultry and egg products. Nutrition and then sensory and Consumer Science.
What is the IFT Council?
An IFT governance body composed of representatives from Sections and Divisions which serves as the grass roots forum and approves constitution and bylaw revisions
What are the four core sciences of IFT?
Food Chemistry, Food Engineering, Food Microbiology, Sensory Science
IFT has several annual awards for excellence. For what is the William V. Cruess Award given?
Excellence in Teaching
Who is the current IFTSA past-president and what school are they from?
Morgan Von Staden, Mississippi State University
Who is the publisher of Food Technology magazine?
Christie Tarantino-Dean
In which states are the following IFT sections located: Puget Sound; Magnolia; Nutmeg; Dogwood; Cactus
Washington and Alaska; Mississippi; Connecticut; North Carolina; Arizona
What is the monetary prize of the food disruption challenge pitch for the selected pitch as well as the people’s choice award?
$25 K for winner, $5 K for people’s choice
What are the ten Focus Areas of IFT?
Food, health and nutrition; food ingredients and additives; food business trends; emerging science and technologies; food policy; food processing and packaging; food quality; product development; food safety and defense; sustainability
Name three appointed officer positions in IFTSA.
Vice President of Marketing, VP of Development and Communications, VP of Membership Experiences, VP of Competitions, VP of IFT Relations
How many divisions are currently part of IFT?
Give the locations for IFT Annual Meetings from 2014-2020.
New Orleans, Chicago, Chicago, Las Vegas, Chicago, New Orleans, Chicago
What award is IFT's highest honor?
Nicolas Appert Award
Name 10 divisions of IFT.
aquatic food products, biotechnology, carbohydrate, dairy foods, education, extension & outreach, food chemistry, food engineering, food law & regulations, food microbiology, food packaging, food service, fruit & vegetable products, international, marketing, sales & management, muscle foods, nonthermal processing, nutraceuticals & functional foods, nutrition, product development, protein, quality assurance, refrigerated & frozen foods, sensory & consumer sciences, toxicology & safety evaluation
How many regional sections does IFT have?
What does each of the following IFT awards recognize? Nicolas Appert, William Cruess, Samuel Prescott
Nicolas Appert – preeminence and contributions to food technology, William Cruess – excellence in teaching, Samuel Prescott – outstanding ability in research
The IFT individual award with the highest monetary value is the ____.
Nicholas Appert Award ($5,000)
Name 5 of the IFTSA competitions/awards.
chapter of the year, excellence in leadership award, college bowl, IFTSA & MARS product development challenge, student food packaging development competition, IFTSA developing solutions for developing countries competition, smart snacks for kids product development competition, graduate research video competition, undergraduate research competition, food science in action competition.
Who comprises the executive committee of IFT?
President, President-Elect, Past President, Treasurer, and Chief Executive Officer
Name two journals published by IFT and how often they are published.
food technology- monthly, and journal of food science - bimonthly
Who is the current IFTSA College Bowl Competition Chair and what school are they from?
Abigail Sommer; Ohio State University
When and where was the first annual feeding tomorrow for early IFT foundation fund run held?
it was held in New Orleans in 2001
How many years does an individual need to be a member of IFT before they can become an IFT fellow?
15 years
Who was the 1st IFT president?
Samuel C. Prescott
Name the 5 IFT Student Association competitions.
Graduate student paper, Undergraduate student paper, College Bowl, Student Chapter of the Year, Product Development
IFT has approved undergraduate programs in Food Science at Universities in over 7 countries. Name 4 of them.
USA, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Argentina, Indonesia, China, Australia, Ireland, Costa Rica, Malaysia, United arab emirates, Honduras, Thailand
What is the slogan of IFT?
Feeding the minds that feed the world
How many regional sections are there of IFT?
When can a regional section be established?
when 25 or more members live within the same geographical area
Who is the current treasurer of IFT?
Scott Lineback
In what year was the IFT student member classification established?
In 2017, IFT launched an initiative to look at how ingenuity will feed the world. What is the name of that initiative's documentary?
Food evolution.
What was the first year for IFTSA?
Name 5 associations that are associated with IFT.
A.A.A.S A.O.C.S American society of microbiology A.O.A.C. Codex alimantarius commission Council of Scientific Society presidents National Inventors Hall of fame-selection Committee Canadian IFST Phi tau sigma SOT
Who is the southeast area meeting chair this year and what school are they from?
Carter Reed University of Georgia
What are 5 types of IFT memberships?
student, emeritus, premier, premier young professional, networking and engagement
Who is the editor in chief of Food Technology magazine?
Bob Swientek
The IFT strategic plan contains 7 critical objectives for the organization to accomplish its mission to support improvement of the food supply and its use through science, technology, and education. What are the 7 critical objectives?
1) To be the preeminent, multidisciplinary scientific society for food science and technology. 2) To be the authoritative source of science-based information on food science and technology. 3) To provide publications, programs, & services to fulfill the diverse professional needs of members. 4) To support the undergraduate education & continued professional development of food scientists & technologists 5) To support basic and applied research & foster the interface among industry, academia, government, media, & the public on food science and technology issues. 6) To attract & actively involve a culturally & professionally diverse membership. 7) To provide the organizational structure, administration, and financial capability to accomplish IFT's mission.
When was the College Bowl competition first held?
What are 4 officer positions on the National IFT Executive Committee?
Chairman, Chairman-elect, secretary, treasurer, councilor, alternate councilor, member at large
What city has hosted the most IFT annual meetings?
Who won the Nicholas Appert Award in 2018?
Dennis R. Heldman
The IFT annual award that recognizes research accomplishments of an individual 36 years or younger is called___________________.
Samuel Cate Prescott Award
Who is the current president of IFT?
Michele Perchonok
Divisions of IFTSA.
Aquatic food products, biotechnology, carbohydrate, dairy foods, food chemistry, food microbiology, food engineering, food packagong, food service, international, protein, nutrition (actually total 24)
What is the phone number for IFT?
What is the address of IFT world headquarters?
525 W Van Buren St., Suite 1000, Chicago, IL 606067
Who won the william cruess award?
Soo-Yeun Lee
Who is the Editor of the Journal of Food Science?
Amanda Fergusun
What year was Food Technology established?
What is the sea foods division of the IFT now known as?
aquatic food products division
Who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IFT?
Christie Tarantino-Dean
What are the IFTSA Competitions?
-Developing solutions for developing countries; Smart snacks for kids product development; IFTSA & MARS product development competition; undergraduate research competition; thesis video competition; college bowl
Who is hosting the 2019 Food Disruption Challenge Pitch?
Daymon John
At what university was IFT chartered?
MIT in 1939
Who is the past president of IFT?
John Coupland
What is the Calvert L. Award presented for?
distinguished service to IFT
One of the benefits of IFT professional membership is the ability to apply for CFS status. What does CFS stand for?
Certified Food Scientist
Who is the current IFTSA president and what school are they from?
Elizabeth Clark, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
In what year did IFT celebrate its 50th anniversary?
On 9/30/85, IFT OSPA became a functioning entity to establish IFT as the authoritative source of info on food science and technology. What does the acronym OSPA stand for?
office of scientific public affairs
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