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Missed approach climb gradient?
Lowest RVR for takeoff?
125m, centerline at 15m, edge light at 60m
How much contingency fuel?
5%, can be reduced to 3%, but never less than 5min fuel @ 1500ft
RVR for Cat 2 200-141 ft?
What is obstacl clearance in MSA?
1000ft down to intermediate section
Non precision approach, do you need to add something?
50ft to MDA
If weather at destination lower than to plan with no alternate, how many alternates yoiu need?
2 alternates
What is balanced field lenght?
Minimum required runway is obtained when TOD=ASD, lines intersect
Normal IFR holding pattern?
Right turns
RVR for Cat 2 140-121?
What is calculated in ALT fuel?
Start of missed, following expected departure, climb, LRC, descent, STAR, Approach
max holding time?
0-14000: 1min, higher is 1,5min
What requirements for planning no alternate?
Not more than 6h flight, two separate runways with separate navaids, ETA +-1h Ceiling 2000ft and 5km vis, and 15min extra fuel
V2, what is margin to Stall?
RVR for CAT1?
Vref, what is margin to stall?
Terminal fixes in order?
What weather at take off alternate?
Same requirements as for destination
If alternate has non precision only, what planing minima do you need?
RVR/ Vis and ceiling at or above MDA + 1000ft
what are the 4 TO segments?
1: From liftoff/V2 untill gear retract, no climb requirement just positive. 2: When gear retracted until 400ft or accel alt, need 2.4% gross (-0,8% for net), ends at accel alt. 3: Starts at accel alt ends when clean and Climb thrust set, max 10 min. 4: Enroute climb, need 1.2%
What is unbalanced takeoff, and how affected by clearway or stopway?
Clearway = Select low V1, get airborne over clearway. Stopway, Select high V1, and stop over stopway
RVR for Cat 2 120-100?
What fuel requirements do we have?
5, trip, contingency, alternate, final reserve, and taxi fuel
Max holding speeds?
0-14000: 230, 14-20000: 240kt, 20-34000 265kt, 34000: 0,83
Circling radius for CAT C aircraft?
4,2 NM
What is min RVR before Low vis?
500m day and 400m night
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