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PC-24 OM-B

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An item with a weight of 30kg or less is considered as baggage or cargo?
Loss of runway lenght due to alignment?
The available distances shall be shortened by 10 meters to compensate for the aircraft manouvering on the runway
What is the proper call when an armed condition gets captured?
Example: "Glideslope Green"
What is the standard Crew and flight nurse weight?
Crew - 85kg, Nurse 75
What is the callout for GA?
"Go Around, T/O thrust, Flap 15"
What is the standard call out if PM has verified the route?
"Route Verified"
What is the maximum ammount of PAX in the cabin?
Where can you find information regarding "RCAM" (Runway Condition Assessment Matrix) in the OM-B, and what is its purpose?, Table 1. Purpose is to permit to carry out the primary assessment based on reported contaminant type and depth.
Minimum cleared runway width?
When do you need to use the tail stand?
When ever loading passengers via the ULD (Universal loading device)
Is it allowed to operate into airports reporting freezing rain or drizzle?
Maximum permissible fuel imbalance?
Does the cabin ventilation have to be enabled when the EMS is in use?
If you fly a 2D non precision approach, what is the addition to the MDA?
What is the minimum RCC for TO / LDG?
What is the standard call out if PF wants the performance checked by PM?
"Perf verification"
Standard speed schedule: What is the speed to fly below 2500ft on climb?
Motor veichle CRD (Bilbarnstol), Where can you find information regarding this?
Chapter 7, Loading,
Which crew actions during abnormal situation requires confirmation befor action?
Guarded Switches, Thrust levers, Engine switch and ECB (Electronic Circuit Breaker)
What is included in the Emergency equipment "check" on the FD?
4 Items, Goggles, Crash aze, Fire extinguisher, Flashlight
Who turns on the taxi lights prior to taxi?
Minimum oil temp for QPM operation?
10 degree
What is the maximum current aloowed on the 5VDC (USB) outlets?
Is it allowed to operate into areas of low manetic field strenght? (High lat operation)?
Which ECL (Electronic Checklists) are we currently NOT using?
Before engine start, Transit check, Engine start, Line up and Shut down
What is the proper call when Arming for example Glideslope?
"Glideslope White"
If you have multiple failures, and the first abnormal checklist is completed, how does the PM notify the completion and subsequent request to carry out the next procedure
What is the maximum current allowed on the 14VDC outlets?
What is the standard call out if PF wants the Route to be verified during pre-flight?
"Route Verification"
In case of lower ventilator failure, can you use both vacuum system and oxygen system at the same time?
No, only one can be used at a time
KSAs procedure in handling LMC?
Perform a new calculation of mass and balance and update any data in the FMC
Do you need to take into account all three braking values for TO / LDG?
No, if distance calculated is calculated to be within first third, other two thirds can be disregarded. Or if distance falls between first third and second third, last third can be disregarded
Maximum flap extension altitude?
20000 ft
Is there any special procedure for the headset plugs located under the LH emergency exit?
It needs to be disconnected for taxi, TO and LDG
Maximum distance from adequate airport?
600NM based on 300kt TAS
Who keeps his/her hand on the TL (Thrust Levers) during TO Roll?
What is the standard call out when lined up on the runway?
What is the standard call out if PM has verified the performance?
"Perf verified"
An item with a weight of 30kg or more is considered as baggage or cargo?
When can you set "Standard" on the altimiter?
When cleard through or passing transition altitude.
What is the standard 1000 feet to go call?
"1000 to go"
Why is it important to make sure the AC ventilation system is in use when using medical oxygen in the cabin?
To reduce the concentration of oxygen in the cabin in the event of a leak
What is the recommendation if operating on contaminated taxiways and apron prior to departure?
Delay flap deployment, run a full flight controll sweep, run the flaps fully then set approporiate setting, and check stabilizer trim
Whats the call-out to initiate the emergency evacuation?
Is the loss of runway length included in the GURU calculation?
What limitation is there on the N2 when OAT is -20 or below?
Run engines at N2 less than 80% until oil is 27 degrees, thenn run engines for 5 min more.
What runway width is the crosswind limits refered to?
What is the minimum crew to remain onboard (???) during EMS operations when at least one stretcher is occupied?
One pilot and one medical crew.
What increment do you need to reduce crosswind limits on runways less than 30m wide?
0.5kt/m of reduced width of a "standard" runway of 30m width
Minimum cabin temp for the vacuum pupmp system?
+10 C
What is the maximum current allowed for the 230V outlets?
Max 5A
what is the maximum FL to be able to operate the cabin at sea level? (Cabin Lo)
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