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Phrasal verbs


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Settle down
when you settle down, you behave responsibly, and live in the regular way especially when you get married
cut up
make small pieces
make jokes, laugh, clown around
come out
to become known, to come into public view

to turn out, to result

to declare one’s position publicly
go through with
finish, proceed despite difficulties
Fall in with
agree to a suggestion
come off
happen in a particular manner
go off
when food becomes bad or dangerous to eat



stop working
Make for
head in a specific direction
come around
to change one’s opinion or position
get accross
to make someone understand something
Make up with somebody
Get down
to cause someone to be depressed
go back on
not keep a promise or ones word
Check in/out
Enter or leave a hotel
cut out
fall for
fall in lobe
believe a lie or be deceived
fall out
argue or quarrel with someone
get along - get on with
to have a good / friendly relationship with someone
look out
be careful, avoid imminent danger
run down
find ,discover


hit with a car

become very tired, loose power
cut off
come up 
to be mentionned
Check by
go somewhere to see if everything is ok
cut back on
cut down on
check on
make sure everything is ok
Go into
discuss detail or at length
look down on
see somthing or someone as inferior
run up
increase, spend

against encounter unexpected problems

get at
to reach, to access to something

to suggest something indirectly, to imply
put back
Post pone something for a later time
look after
to take care of
fall behind
to not meet obligations on time
Come along
to progress
Come across
to find by chance
get over
to recover from smthing or return to your usual state of health or happiness

to obercome or deal with or gain control of smthing
Check off
put a tick next to an item list
Put off

no longer like something or somebody
Come about
to happen
make smthing out
To just be able to hear read or see something

To fill out the details of a document

get down to
to reach the point of dealing with something

to begin to work on something seriously, to give serious attention to something

to finally start doing smthing after you have been avoiding ut or after something has prevented you from doing it
Check up on
Investigate someone or something
make up

Complete something missed

Put up
give hospitality to someone overnight

increase prices, taxes, etc.
look up
to search for information (usually in a book)
put up with
get around
to become known, to spread or circulate

to find a way of avoiding a difficult or unpleasant situation so that you do not have to deal with it
make up for
put out
Trouble or disturb someone

Extinguish (cigarette, fire etc.)
check for
try to find
come up with
think off
look forward to
anticipate with pleasure
run off
make leave


leave quickly
Go without
abstain from; not use or need
put down to
use or give as an explanation
Come down
to be sick or to reduce the essential element
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