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Dad shouted, "I'm taking the dog for a walk. I'll be back by seven."

Dad shouted that he was taking the dog for a walk and that he would be back by seven.

Mum said, "If you don't know what to do, you can go and ask Sue,because she is older than you."

Mum said that if I didn't know what to do, I cold go and Sue because she was older than me.

Fred reported, "We all want to go home."

Fred reported that they all wanted to go home.

Uncle Bob asks Dad, "Do you still ride your motorbike?"

Uncle Bob asks Dad if he still rides his motorbike.

Don shouted, "If you don't believe me, I'll do it all again tomorrow!"

Don shouted that if I/we didn't believe her, she would do it all again the next day.

Sebastian has asked his grlfriend, "Will you marry me?"

Sebastian has asked his grilfriend if she will marry him.

Aunt Emily said, "Dave cannot come tonight because he has eaten too much and now feels sick"

Aunt Emily said that Dave couldn't come that night because he had eaten too much, and now felt sick.

She added, "The doctor will come to see her in the evening."

She added that the doctor would come to see her in the evening.

In a children's book I read, "The sun rises in the east and is never seen in the north."

In a children's book I read that the sun rises in the east and is never seen in the north.

Sally informed us, "I've bought the pink shirt becaus it goes well with my mini skirt."

Sally informed us that she had bought because it went well with her miniskirt.

The teacher wants to know, "Does everybody like basketball?"

The teacher wants to know if everybody likes basketball.

Dad told Mum, "The kids can watch as much TV as they want."

Dad told Mum that the kids/we could watch as much TV as they/we wanted.

Sally asked her mum, "Do you know where my friend Joe is?"

Sally has asked her mum if she saw the TV-show last week.

Dad told me, "You must feed the dog when you come home, because I forgot to do it this morning"

Dad told me that I had to feed the dog when I came home, because he had forgotten to do it that morning.

Danny asks his sister, "Do you know where my friend Joe is?"

Danny asks his sister if she knows where his friend Joe is.

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