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what is mode?

the value that apears the most in the list

median is calulated...

for odd numbers its (n+1/2)th value

for even numbers its (n/2)th value and (n/2+1) value sumed and devided by two.


number of values

what is uncoded data? 

unchanged version of data 

what is modal class?

class with the majority of values

what is coded data?

data that was somehow changed,

like all values lowered for 5, or increased for 10

how is mean calculated for ungrouped data?

sum of x devided by n

What is ungrouped data?

data that does not appear in a table

how do standard deviation/varience vary for coded/uncoded data?

standard deviation/ varience are the same for coded and uncoded data

range is

maximum- minimum

how is standard devitaion calculated for ungrouped data?

sum of x^2 devided by n - mean^2

what is variance?

standard deviation^2

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