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UG ETV1 VOC - Cambridge Advanced English Word List

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exchange ideas
if people do this, they tell each other their ideas
a word taken from one language and used in another
death, destruction, and other unpleasant events that cannot be avoided
in an extreme way, showing no consideration or pity for others
the emergency services
the organizations who deal with accidents and urgent problems: ambulance service, fire service, the police
out in all weathers
to be outside whether it is raining, snowing, very windy, etc.
give a false impression
give someone a wrong idea about what something is like
account for something
give a reason for something
be familiar with something
to know about something or have experienced it many times before
near the number, amount, or time that has just been given
making you feel very happy
get your teeth into something
to start to deal with something with great energy and enthusiasm
study under somebody
to be taught by someone (formal)
determine something
to control what will happen
used to describe people who share your interests or situation
equate something with something
to consider one thing to be the same as or equal to another thing
when two people do one job between them, sharing the duties and the pay and working at different times of the day or week
the outer part of an area, group or activity
very strange
sweep something aside
to replace or destroy something
a substance that your body produces when you are angry, excited, or frightened which makes your heart beat faster
high-rise block
a building that is very tall and has a lot of floors
someone who speaks or does something officially on behalf of another person
die out
to become more and more rare and then disappear completely
settle into something
to start to feel relaxed and comfortable in a new situation
to talk with someone (formal)
a short story that you tell someone about something that happened to you or someone else
when damage, harm, injury, etc. is so bad that it can never be repaired
have an excellent command of something
to have an excellent knowledge of a subject, especially a language
pull over
if a vehicle pulls over, it moves to the side of the road and stops
describes a part of your body that hurts and is difficult to move
dream something up
to think of a new idea or plan
get stuck into something
to start doing something with energy and determination (informal)
emerging economies
economies that are starting to be successful and competitive
not limited or controlled
price yourself out of the market
to charge such a lot of money for the things you are selling that people stop buying them
hold your own
to be as successful as other people in a situation
nervous or anxious
the qualities of a place and the way it makes you feel
when something is given new life or energy or becomes successful again
risk your life
to do something that is so dangerous you could die
someone who is trained to give medical treatment to people who are injured or very ill, but who is not a doctor or nurse
be scared to death
very afraid
in a way that is proud and shows that you think you are better or more important than other people
work with your hands
to do practical work with your hands
upload something
to copy computer programs or information electronically, usually from a small computer to a larger one or to the Internet
behaving in a way that is not normal, especially when suffering from a mental illness
drive somebody mad
to make someone feel extremely annoyed
a new idea or method that is being tried for the first time, or the use of such an idea or method
crystal clear
very clear
a large farm where animals are kept
the way that something is arranged
booming industry
a very successful industry that is increasing in size
extremely important or necessary
not receiving enough love or attention
process of trial and error
a way of learning the best way to do something by trying many different methods
someone who entertains people by performing magic tricks
get down to something
to start doing something seriously and with a lot of attention and effort
drag somebody or something
to pull somebody or something somewhere, usually with difficulty
having a lot of passages and parts so that it is easy to get lost in
Level 4
vast knowledge
great knowledge
innate capacity, faculty, ability
an ability that you were born with and not one that you have learnt (use 3 synonyms)
a system of government or other control, especially one that people do not approve of
recount something
to tell a story or describe past events
gasp for breath
to breathe loudly and with difficulty, trying to get more air
switch between languages or from one language to another
to repeatedly change the language that you are speaking in
fierce competition
very strong competition
being punctual, especially to start work or classes
native speaker
someone who speaks a language as their first language
going to happen soon
keep an eye on something
to watch or look after something
express an idea
to say or write an idea
the complete set of genetic material of a human, animal, plant or other living thing
buying and selling things, especially when this is an important part of a society’s activities
have something in common
to share features, interests or experiences with someone or something else
material or clothes are very thin because they have been used too much or poorly or cheaply furnished
relive something
to remember something so clearly that you feel as if it is happening now
made up of
to consist of or be formed from two or more things
something that makes it more difficult for you to do something
fluffy animals or toys
toy animals that are soft and covered in fur
settle up
to pay someone the money that you owe them
having no interesting or unusual features
atmospheric pressure
the force with which the atmosphere presses down on the surface of the Earth
pay attention to something
to watch, listen to or think about something carefully or with interest
when something is boring and makes you feel unhappy
a place that makes you feel anxious because it is very small or crowded
someone who studies very old cultures by examining their buildings, tools, and other objects
add insult to injury
to make someone’s bad situation worse by doing something else to upset them
save somebody’s life
to do something to prevent someone from dying
when someone gets angry easily
keep your fingers crossed
something people do for luck to hope that things will happen in the way that they want them to
something that you cannot see or remember clearly
hold down a job
to manage to keep a job
do business
to buy or sell goods or services for someone
someone who examines books, documents, or films and removes parts of them that are offensive or not allowed by law
when you are willing to give a lot of time and energy to something because you believe it is very important
easy to hurt or attack physically or emotionally
typical or obvious qualities that make one person or thing different from another
extreme violence or force
believe wholeheartedly
to believe something completely, without any doubts
feeling free to behave in any way that you want without worrying about other people’s opinions
be made up of
to consist of or be formed from two or more things
to kill two birds with one stone
to achieve several things at once
sift something
to carefully look at every part of something in order to find something
moving or working more slowly than usual
change gradually
to change slowly over a period of time
make your blood boil
to make you very angry
subsidise something
if a government or other organization pays part of the cost of something
splitting headache
a very bad headache
based on feelings rather than facts or proof
to start to feel happy with the weather, the way of life, etc. in a new place
a lot of objects that are not tidy or well organized
when a doctor says what is wrong with someone who is ill
do something in tandem with somebody
do together with someone else, at the same time
catch your eye
if this happens, you notice it because it is attractive, interesting or unusual
take somebody to court
to take legal action against someone
angry because something is unfair
wind somebody up
to annoy someone, often on purpose (informal)
an amount of money that is given back to you, especially because you are not happy with something you have bought
nominate somebody
to officially suggest a person for a job or a position in an organisation, or to suggest a person or their work for a prize
clutter something up
to cover a surface or fill a place with things that are not tidy or well organised
making you feel anxious and unable to relax
something you are given because of your job, such as a car, which is not your salary
attention to detail
the ability to notice and consider every small part or detail of something and check that everything is perfect
not interesting or exciting
extreme excitement and happiness
be up to something
to be doing something
call centre
a place where organisations employ people to talk over the telephone to customers to provide information, or sell goods or services
at heart
used to say what someone is really like
extremely hot and therefore unpleasant or difficult to breathe
used in conversation to introduce an example ‘The flavours of our company’s ice creams are not as important as, say, the name or the colour.’
strange and frightening
a link between something and something
a relationship or connection between two things
design feature
a piece of furniture or part of a room that is intended to be stylish and attractive
willing to try new and often difficult things
unpleasant in a way that makes you feel anxious or upset
come round
to visit someone at their house
when you are no longer good at something because you have forgotten it, you call that skill ...
make ends meet
to have just enough money for the things that you need to live on
when something is very ordinary and not interesting
be only natural to do something
to be normal or expected
feel lost without
unable to live or work without someone/something
nothing is too much trouble
used for saying that someone does everything they can to help you even when it involves a lot of effort
burst its banks
if a river bursts its banks, the water in it gets so high that it spreads over the land near the river
move on
to leave the place where you are and go somewhere else
solve a problem
to find an answer to a problem
able to notice or measure very small changes
come across something or somebody
to discover something or someone by chance
in demand
wanted or needed in large numbers
extremely stupid (of a situation)
right across the board
affecting everyone or every part of something
ready to do something
in excess of
more than
to focus on information you want and ignore information you do not need (verb)
get attuned to something
to start to recognise or be able to understand something
sudden jolt
a sudden, violent movement
get to thinking about something
to start thinking about something
in other respects
in other ways
the style of decoration and furniture in a room or building
attractive, interesting, or different enough to be noticed
fight a losing battle
to try hard to do something when there is no chance that you will succeed
make a difference
to have a good effect on a situation
prioritise something
to decide which of a group of things are the most important so that you can deal with them first
the amount of work that you have to do
to look at information on the Internet
drop what you are doing
to stop what you are doing, often in order to do something else
a metal object used to fasten the ends of a belt or strap
be a touch aggrieved
slightly upset or angry at an unfair situation
opinions from people about something that you have done or made
to shine brightly because of reflected light
lose your nerve
to suddenly become frightened and be unable to do something
turn over
if someone who is lying down turns over, they change position so that they are facing a different direction
a large amount of liquid that you put into your mouth at one time
lose your appetite
to lose the desire to eat
light and airy
having a lot of light and space
move out
to stop living in a particular home
be on the mend
if you are on the mend, your health is improving after an illness or an injury
retain something
to continue to keep something
have a reliance on something
to be in a situation when someone or something depends on someone or something else
a planned way of doing something in order to achieve what you want
thinking about your own thoughts and feelings and trying to understand them
be in two minds about something
to have difficulty making a decision
long, flat rubber shoes that people wear when swimming under water
over the course of
using or able to speak two languages
press somebody for something
to try to persuade someone to do something
run for parliament
to compete in an election in order to become a member of parliament
making you feel that something bad or evil might happen
very simple and not comfortable or luxurious
head for something
to move towards something
science fiction
stories about life in the future or in other parts of the universe
a kitchen in a ship or aircraft
to become smaller, or to make something smaller
make yourself understood
to say something to someone in a way that they understand
something which is strongly disliked or disapproved of
to expect something and to prepare for it before it happens
all the more
even more
be accustomed to something
to have experienced something often enough for it to seem normal to you
a hotbed of something
a place where there is a lot of a particular activity
endow somebody with something
(formal) to give someone a particular quality or characteristic
make choices
to choose between two or more things
prolong something
to make something last longer
break up something
to divide something into different areas
clump (of trees)
a group of plants growing closely together
make a fool of yourself
to behave in a way which is embarrassing and makes you look silly
absolutely perfect
of the best quality and without any faults at all
positive outlook
a way of thinking in which you believe that generally good things will happen
tired or painful eyes as a result of too much reading or looking at a computer screen.
the next step
the next stage in a process
keep up with something
to manage to do work as it is given to you and not be late in doing what you have to do
work tirelessly
to work very hard and with great energy over a long period
a large building for storing goods that are going to be sold
quality of life
the level of enjoyment, comfort and health in someone’s life
extensive experience or knowledge
a lot of experience or knowledge
be in your element
to be very happy because you are doing what you like doing and are good at
take something seriously
to believe that something is important and that you should pay a lot of attention to it
a computer and the area around it where you work in an office
a principle or belief of a theory or religion
strong, bright light that hurts your eyes
give somebody an edge over somebody
to make someone slightly better than someone else
drop off to sleep
to start to sleep
mother tongue
the first language that you learn when you are a child
if a dog does this, it makes loud, short sounds
major factor
one of the main things that has an effect on a situation
something that makes you suffer
have a flair for something
to have a natural ability to do something well
a problem that makes something happen later or more slowly than it should
a limit that controls the way that you can do something
mindless violence
violence that has no purpose, that is done without thought, often for its own sake
have a flashback
to have a sudden memory of something that happened in the past, especially something bad
used to emphasize how strong a feeling or quality is
looking the same in every part, often in a boring way
draw the line at something
to not allow something
shop online
to buy things from an Internet website
to make a low continuous sound
download something
to copy computer programs, music or other information electronically using the Internet
peer group
a group of people of about the same age, social position, etc.
force of personality
the power of someone’s character and their ability to persuade people to do things
in all fields
in all areas of study or activity
highly articulate
able to express ideas and feelings in words very clearly in words
go about doing something
to start to do something in a purposeful way
exert control over
to use control in order to make someone do something or to make something happen
to make something seem larger, better, worse, etc. than it really is
when archaeologists dig in the ground in order to find objects from the past
set foot in a place
to enter a place
to change direction suddenly, especially when you are driving a vehicle
the ability to make yourself do difficult things or to stop yourself from doing enjoyable things that are bad for you
pull somebody’s leg
to try to make someone believe something that is not true as a joke
to notice and/or act on a difference between two or more things
a person, thing, or situation that annoys you or causes problems for you
such a room or building is unpleasant because it is not big enough
attention span
the length of time that you can keep your thoughts and interest fixed on something
for some unknown reason
used for saying that you do not know why something happened or why someone did something
nag somebody
to keep criticising or giving advice to someone in an annoying way
deal with something
to take action in order to achieve something or to solve a problem
in very good condition, as if new
something that you say is certainly true
turn a blind eye to something
to pretend not to notice something or to ignore something that you do not want to see often because you know is wrong
adjust something
to change the way you behave or think in order to suit a new situation
facts about a subject that are known only by a few people
be well on the way to achieving something
to be making good progress towards a particular goal
be glued to something
to be watching something, especially a screen, with all your attention
on your own, without anyone’s help
make an effort to do something
to try to do something, putting energy and time into it
huge contrast
a very obvious difference between two things
a machine with a moving part which you walk or run on for exercise
naturally gifted
able to do something very well because you were born with that ability
traffic jam
a line of cars, trucks, etc. that are moving slowly or not moving at all
a long, narrow hole in the ground next to a road or field, which water can flow through
an event, especially one that is bad or unusual
a large group of people that is often violent or not organised
immerse yourself in something
to become completely involved in something
take somebody by surprise
to surprise someone
digital technology
the use of an electronic system that changes sounds or images into signals in the form of numbers before it stores or sends them
by attrition
the use of force to gradually make something weaker and destroying it, especially the strength and confidence of an enemy
little chance of something
not much possibility of something
to grow or develop well
the window at the front end of a car, bus, etc.
stand somebody in good stead
to be useful to someone
under constant pressure
having worried feelings all the time because you are always dealing with difficult situations
made or done in a simple way and without much skill
quite by chance
completely by accident
to tell you the truth
used in conversation to emphasise the importance of a fact
enquiring mind
if someone has this type of mind, they are always asking questions and wanting to find out new things
a long pipe made of rubber or plastic and used for directing water somewhere, usually onto a garden or fire
well-intentioned advice
advice that is given in order to be helpful and kind but that does not help in a situation
a disease or mental problem
passed to a child from its parents before birth
have an aptitude for something
to have a natural skill or an ability to do something well
the quality of having a lot of new and interesting ideas
outline something
to describe the most important ideas or facts about something
contemplate something
to consider something for a long time or in a serious way
in the distance
a long way away
someone that you love and have a romantic relationship with
when the members of a group or society are united
benefit rates
how much money the government gives to people who are ill, poor, not working, etc. depending on their situation
describes weather that is less cold than you would expect
be up to scratch
to be of good enough quality (informal)
get behind the scenes
to get beyond appearances and see things which most people don’t usually see
frankly absurd
ridiculous or unreasonable
very unusual or noticeable in a way that you admire
at something’s last gasp
going to soon disappear completely
to do more than one thing at the same time
rethink something
to change what you think about something or what you plan to do
not get very far
to not make progress
be intent on doing something
to be determined to do or achieve something
telling other people about your ideas and listening to other people’s ideas
to continue for longer than someone or something else
act on somebody's advice
to do something because someone has said that you should
good at doing something difficult
loyal and willing to give your time and energy to something that you believe in
go for a break, walk, coffee
to go somewhere to take a break, walk, drink a cup of coffee
the part of a car which you push with your foot to make it go faster
look on the bright side
to find good things in a bad situation
very basic
designed to be useful and not beautiful
to suddenly feel so worried or frightened that you cannot think or behave calmly, or to make someone feel this way
translate something word-for-word
taking each word separately and in the same order
when there is not enough of something
online community
a group of people who discuss a subject on the Internet
pick up something
to start learning something or doing something regularly without intending to
when you are unable to do something
fiddle with something
to move things about or touch things with no particular purpose
stab somebody in the back
to do something harmful to someone who trusted you
happening often or existing in large numbers, and so not considered special or unusual
open-plan office
an office with few or no walls inside, so it is not divided into smaller rooms
come to terms with something
to accept and deal with a difficult situation
go to incredible lengths
to try extremely hard to achieve something
in a fast and excited way and not in a calm or organised way
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