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UG ETV2 VOC - Food and Famine

TOEFL - Food and Famine

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to plunge
to go down suddenly
to obtain
to gain possession of, to get
to persevere
to keep going in spite of obstacles
to fertilize
to supply nourishment to plants
to collide
to come together with great or violent force
to aggregate
to collect together into a whole
an impact
a strong influence
affecting in a harmful, negative way
to unleash
to release a thing or emotion
water that falls to the earth’s surface
a means of supplying water for agriculture
the process of preparing the land for growing crops
the process by which plants combine light energy into chemical energy
an eruption
a sudden, often violent, outburst
to abandon
to leave, to give up
extremely harmful
to anticipate
to sense or expect something before it happens
a famine
severe hunger; a drastic food shortage
to intensify
to increase in power or strength
a flood
an overflowing of water; an excessive amount
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