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EMB190 OM-A , Rev 4 2023-10-05

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How many PETC are allowed per container?
Max 2 pets in the same cage
What do you declare to ATC when you risk of landing below Final reserve+fuel to reach suitable and planned destination alternate aerodrome required?
When do you need to plan a flight with two destination alternates?
When for the selected destination aerodrome, the safety margins for meteorological conditions and the planning minima cannot be met, or when no met info is available.
Before signing the loadsheet, on the ACARS INIT page, what must be verified?
That destination alternate(s) or NONE is entered and that TKOF ALTN is insertad if applicable, FLT TIME, ENDURANCE
2D approach, what approach visual reference must be seen?
At least one of: Element of approach light system, threshold or its markings or lights, PAPI, Runway edge light.
Stabilized approach critera?
Correct path, only small changes in bank and pitch, VAP+10 and not less than VREF, correct landing conf, Sink rate 1000, thrust setting applicable
The destination airfield has a CAT 5 RFFS normally available, but in the NOTAM the RFFS is now CAT4, is this OK?
Yes, it is OK to have it two steps down if the NOTAM is limited to 72hrs
As a guidance in the OM-A, what fuel should be carried in case of LVP ops at departure and destination airfield?
30 min taxi fuel and 30 min of holding fuel. The information is provided as a guidance, and commanders are encourage to make adjustments based on airfield/experience
Upon successful completion of a safety check, the inspector should present a Proof of ramp inspection form. What should be done with it?
It should be scanned and sent to saslink.compliance@sas.se
What is the color of Type 1 fluid?
How many DEPA are allowed onboard?
There is no limit
Regarding destination alternates, what is the difference between a "Fuel Alternate" and a "Commercial Alternate"
Fuel alternate is planned if a diversin is unlikely, a Commercial alternate is planned if diversion is likely
The destination airfield has a CAT 5 RFFS normally available. Is this OK?
Yes, it is OK to have it one step down
You have commenced your second missed approach due weather, what are the requirements to NOT to proceed towards to the alternate in this stage?
You must have received weather information which indicates to double previous visibility and cloud base. In this context, Minima X 2
Threre are only a few forms left in the in-flight document folder, what do you do?
Notify ships library for a re-fill, stating what documents to fill, and aircraft reg on ships-library@sas.dk
If a CAT 3 minima is not displayed in the charts, what is the approved minima?
50 ft RA and 200RVR
What is the Squawk for radio fail?
If the first aid oxygen has been used during the flight, what must you do as flight crew?
Contact OCC
3D approach Type A or B, what approach visual reference must be seen?
At least one of: Element of approach light system, threshold or its markings or lights, PAPI, Runway edge light.
What is the maximum crosswind limitation untill 500hrs from Final Check on the type rating for a FO?
Max 20 kts incl gust for takeoff and landing
What is the minimum charge for the iPad prior to reporting for duty?
80% charge
What is the weight consideration of an infant occupying a separate seat?
Weight as children, 35 kg
During flight, is it allowed to reset a tripped CB, unless directed by the QRH, AOM procedure?
What is the weight of a child?
35 kg
What is the standard RFFS for the ERJ195?
CAT 6 is standard
What is the difference between "Secyrity Search" and "Security Check"
The Search is performed on first sector on a new aircraft. The Check is performed after each turn around
Which RVR is controlling in a CAT 2 or CAT 3 landing?
The touchdown RVR
When flying within 20NM of terrain with a wind speed above 30kts and whose maximum elevation exceeds 2000ft AMSL, commanders are to increase the MOCA/MORA by?
500ft / 10kt wind above 30kts up to a maximum om 2000ft
What action should be taken in case a Hard landing message is received, or that the crew believe a hard landing has taken place?
Contact ACC
What is the difference beween a INAD, DEPU and DEPA?
INAD = Inadmissable, refused entro to country. DEPU =Unescorted Deportee. DEPA = Escorted deportee
What is a Type A and a Type B approach?
Type A has a minima of 250 ft or more, Type B has a minima of less than 250 ft
What is the definition for low visibility conditions?
Less than 550m RVR
In case of a late arrival of a CCM (cabin crew member), how many passengers are you permitted to board?
Up to 100 pax
How long is the CAT C aerodrome currency valid?
12 months
What does the acronym MADI mean?
Monitor, Assist, Direct, Intervene
You wish to depart ahead of STD, what action must you take, and what is the time limit?
You need approval from OCC if you want to depart more than 15 minutes before STD
Arriving at a new foreign leisure/charter destination and running late, the bus with return pax is already waiting on the remote parking, as well as the fuel truck. You and the crew discuss to board the new pax and fuel at the same time. What must you make sure of before starting?
You need to check with the handler, if the local authority accepts fuelling with embarking passengers, there might also be a requirement that the firebrigade being present.
What is a Company Notam?
Some significant information, for examble EFB version no, latest DOW/DOI
What is the color of Type 4 fluid?
Extra fuel should be considered in terms of XXXXXXX?
Endurance (time) and not quantity of fuel. For example 15 min is half final reserve fuel
After a CAT 2 approach what entries must be made?
One entry in the Aircraft Flight Log section 10, and also a CAT 2 report should be sent to stoli.flt@sas.se
Regarding classification of approaches. What is APV?
Approach procedure with vertical guidance. a PBN aproach designated for 3D instrument approach, Type A
What is the lowest visibility TO for a FO?
600m RVR
What does a "Specially prepared winter runway" mean?
A runway with a dry frozen surface of compacted snow or ice which has been treated with sand or grit or has been mechanically treated to improve runway friction
You are to operate a leisure / charter flight to a destination and you are unsure about if you need to carry a gendec, how many, and what info that need to be filled, where do you check it?
What additional visual reference must also be present at the minima?
A lateral element of the ground pattern, crossbar or a barette.
Regarding take-off alternate, when do you need to take the cieling into account?
Only when the only approach available is a NPA
When approaching the gate after engine shutdown, what is the transponder code to set?
What is the maximum acceptable ROD when passing 5000ft?
5000FPM, 4000FPM when passing 4000 feet etc
What is the maximum number of PETC allowed in the cabin?
Four, service animals included
What is the maximum weight of a PETC?
8 kgs
Planning minima for destination aerodrome: A flight shall only depart when?
1 hour before, 1 hour after (Arriving at the DH/MDH) RVR / VIS. RVR for a Precision Approach and Ceiling for Non Precision Approach
What is the color of Type 2 fluid?
Straw colored
On the loadsheet, what are the Items to be checked?
6 items, Flight Number, AC reg, Crew config, Actual ZFW, T/O Fuel, Trip fuel
What is the maximum distance from an adequate airport?
350 NM
What about infant weight?
It is included in the Adult weight
Contingency fuel should be a minimum of X% or Y minutes of flight at 1500ft
3% or 5 minutes
You have commenced a missed approach due weather, can you proceed for a second approach?
Yes, if the PIC has reason to believe a second approach will lead to a successful landing.
Regarding duties of the commander, what must he check on the OFP prior to each flight?
5 things, AC registration, Date, Flight Number, Flight crew names and duties, Departure and arrival airports.
What is the maximum validity of a SNOWTAM?
8 hours
Armed body guards are accepted on flight, provided they are from which country?
Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland
What if your ACARS loadsheet is missing the "LOADSHEET END"?
It should be discarded
Regarding tankering, what weight should you plan to land with?
MLW -500 kg
During a SAFA/SACA check a technical defect is identified, what should the CDR do?
Contact the ACC to determine if further action is required before flight
Where can you find information about recommended Traffic Alternates in case a diversion is likely?
In the Airside app. If possible pilots should contact Operations control to coordinate.
Commanders new on type: how many meters must be added to the CAT2/3 minima, and until having attained how many hours or sectors?
100m must be added until attaining 100 hours or 40 sectors including LIFUS
Regarding classification of approaches. What is a NPA?
Non-precision approach. An instrument procedure designed for 2D instrument approach operations Type A
If the NOTOC does not contain the Drill Code, what must you do?
Look it up in the ICAO Emergency Response Guidance using the UN number and note it on the NOTOC
What does the acronym SADIE mean?
Share, Analyze, Decide, Implement and Evaluate
Prior to flying into a CAT B aerodrome the commander should be briefed or self briefed. In what manual do we find the categorisation and briefiengs?
How many DEPU are allowed onboard?
Four. In addition own accompanying children (With DEPU status) under the age of 16 may travel on the same flight.
During what times does the "SAS Silent flight concept" apply?
All year, except summer (20 June - 31 August) between 0900 LT and 2100 LT
Is it acceptable to depart towards a destination without calculation a "Dispatch" calculation?
Yes, if all conditions are met in OM-A
If you need to inform the next crew that a security search is necessary, how do you do that?
You find the orange slip from the Flight Document Folder
Who can fly into a CAT C aerodrome?
Only commander
When ballast is carried, it should be noted as cargo, what is the weight per bag?
25 kg
What requirements to plan a flight with no destination alternate?
Not more than 6 hours flight time, or 4 hours for in flight replanning, and 1h before and after ETA, Ceiling is at least 2000 ft (BKN) or circling height + 500 ft, which ever is greater and ground visibility is at least 5 km.
What is the cross-wind limitation for FO, further to the 20kts max stated?
The wind must not be more than 2/3rd of that promulgated for the current conditions for takeoff and landing
What is the RFFS category required for an alternate?
Not less than CAT 4 within 30 min
You are asked to maintain 160 to 4NM, by complying with the request on that particular day you end up passing the 1000ft gate with more than Vapp +20. Can you continue?
Yes, according to the conditions in OM-A, note 2
Regarding tankering, will the OFP consider the extra trip fuel required for carrying the extra fuel?
Yes and no. Yes where this is noted in the OFP as a suggestion. No if tankering has not been planned
Regarding loadsheet, if ACARS or eLoadsheet is unavailable, what must be done with the loadsheed received by CLC via email?
The loadsheet needs to be sent in return to CLC with the PIN/employee number
What is the minimum RVR for the mid point and stop end?
125 and 75 m
After going into discretion, how soon must a report be filed via SafetyNet?
Latest within 24 hours of completing the duty
Regarding courier baggage and musical instruments, what about their weight?
It shall be registered on the load sheet with the actual weight
Does the EDP NOTOC contain the section "End of NOTOC"?
Is the weight restriction applicable to a Service Animal PETC?
No, they are exempted
What is the standard passenger weight for all flights except holiday charters? (Adults)
84 kg
Are you allowed to operate as PF as a commander from the right seat?
No, unless LTC
When taking into account aircraft crosswind limits contra METAR/TAR wind direction. What is important to note?
Runway direction is magnetic, and TAF/METAR winds are TRUE, hence the True winds need to be converted to magnetic winds
What is the standard minimum reporting time for flight crew and cabin?
45 minutes
You have a situation with a late arrival of a CCM, you and the crew decide to start boarding with a reduced ammount of passengers. During boarding the fuel truck arrives and wants to fuel the aircraft. Are you allowed to do so?
No, no fuelling is to be completed with a reduced cabin crew
What is the minimum RVR for take-off?
125 m
What do you declare to ATC when you estimate that you will land with lower than planned final reserve fuel at the nearest suitable aerodrome?
Regarding the validity period for CAT 2/3 recency, how many approaches should have been performed, or can be substituted in the simulator?
Two per validity period
What is the time frame for a CTOT?
-5 to + 10 minutes
When should the 50ft be added to an approach?
When doing a 2-D CDFA approach
In unforseen circumstances of a late check in / arrival of the other flight deck crew member, what is expected by you and the others?
Board the aircraft and as far as possible prepare the aircraft for depature
What is the difference between a SACA and SAFA check?
SACA is Safety Assessment of a Community Aircraft, and SAFA is ... of a Foreign Aircraft
What is the lowest RVR for take-off?
RVR 125m
CAT 2 Approach, what approach visual reference must be seen?
The visual reference must contain a segment of at least 3 consecutive lights.
You would like to fly PICUS, what are the requirements for respective crew member?
CDR must have served 6 months since ILC and FO must not be designated FPN
Commanders new on type: How many hours or sectors must have been completed before commencing CAT 2 or 3 operations?
50 hours or 20 sectors including LIFUS
Regarding "The point when an aircraft begins to move under its own power, for the purpose of flight" is considered to be?
The point when the aircraft begins taxi for take-off
What is included in the standard passenger weight?
Their cabin baggage and PETC
It is the resposibility of the crew member to ensure that SAS Link has been informed of a medical renew as soon as received and at the latest X days before the first flying duty after the old expire date
Seven days
Regarding classification of approaches. What is a PA`?
Precision approach procedure. An approach based on ILS, MLS, GLS and SBAS Cat 1, can be Type A or Type B
What is important to note regarding SNOWTAM and runway 1/3`?
The 1/3 section of the runway is from the Runway threshold with the lowest denominator. Ex, 01R/19L starts from first 1/3rd of 01R
What is the standby callout time?
80 minutes
When departing not using eFM electronic OFP, and using Fluix Digital OFP. What things need to be done?
Prior to the flight the commander shall submit the signed OFP using FLuix. Post flight, the PM shall photograph the loadsheet and NOTOC and add them to page 2 and send them in.
Commanders new on type: After commanders line check, how many sectors needs to be operated as handling pilot (PF)?
10 Sectors. 6 sectors if existing commander, but new on type
For a take-off with RVR 125, what airfield / runway requirements must be met?
High intensity lights, centerline with 15m spacing, and edge lights with 60m spacing
What is the maximum allowed PAX or cargo/fuel/baggage for a LMC?
+- 3pax, +-300kg cargo, or a combination of the two
What is a OMN ( Operations Manual Notice)?
An OMN supersedes existing information in the OMs and remains in force until incorporated into the OMs at the next revision, or is cancelled
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