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Advantages and disadvantages of the method

The benefits of the method are to encourage long-term retention, and the user to get a sense of how well his or her own knowledge is (useful in probation). Here, more and more card types are being called which have not yet been learned. Compared to the classic vocabulary book, idle runs are thereby avoided.

In practice, the efficiency of the method can be enhanced by learning with multiple senses, i.e. if not only the front and the back are read, but the vocabulary is also pronounced loudly.

One disadvantage of the method is that it has to be applied regularly in order to achieve a long-term learning success.

However, in the proper use of the learning card, different activities are triggered (write, possibly formulate questions, answer, formulate, read, speak, listen) which, according to a general scientific view, promotes long-term learning.

Uninstructed learning contents are repeated so often until these can be reliably remembered. The number of repetitions of each individual learning card is therefore dependent on the number of failed attempts. The card is only learned as often as necessary. Thus, this learning method increases the efficiency.

In addition, when you're using MemoCard, you can quickly and easily share your learning cards with your friends, so you do not have to create all the learning cards yourself. See also Learning groups in general.

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