Instructions and FAQ

Here you can learn everything about the functionalities of MemoCard.

Creating flashcards with Excel

If you want to create your flashcards with an Excel file, you must first create and save a set of cards. Under "Excel Import" you can select and upload your Excel file.

Creating a flashcard set with Excel

All cards included in Excel will be added to this flashcard set, and you can then edit the cards to your liking.

And format your Excel spreadsheet so that it can be read by MemoCard:

Excel format for the flashcard set Import

We only read out the two columns A and B in Excel. Please note that column A is the front of the flashcard and column B is the back.

A new flashcard is always placed in a new line, that is, one line per flashcard. You can enter as many learning cards or lines as you like.

If you want to format your flashcards, you can also work with HTML tags. These tags will then be copied into the cards.

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