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Flashcards to pause or activate learning

Now you can also activate or pause flashcards for learning. So you can activate all flashcards, but only those you want to learn at the moment. Paused flashcards are not queried!

With this function you can also create small learning packages, and if you can, add a few new learning cards every now and then.

That's how it works:

When capturing the flash card set, you can choose to activate all flash cards for learning or just individual cards.

Activate or deactivate learning pauses

You can activate or pause the individual flashcards on the card itself.

If you see on the flashcard Activate flashcards this card is paused at the moment and is not queried.

If you see on the flashcard Deactivate flashcards , this flashcard is currently active and will be queried.

You can activate or deactivate the flashcard by clicking on this menu item.

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