Instructions and FAQ

Here you can learn everything about the functionalities of MemoCard.

Learning groups in general

You can add flashcard sets and members with different roles to a created learning group. You can share work with the learning group, because everyone can add their own sets of flashcards if they have the right role.

Advantages of a learning group:

  • Vocabulary or the text to be learned only needs to be entered once.
  • Accessible to all members and anyone can learn all flashcard sets.
  • You can save time by sharing work.

By assigning the member roles (Administrator / Editor / Member) you can determine exactly who is allowed to change what.

What may the individual roles do?

  • The Administrator can add or remove flashcard sets and users to the learning group.
  • The Editor can only add or remove flashcard sets to the learning group.
  • The member can only read the learning cards and not change anything in the learning group.

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