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Here you can learn everything about the functionalities of MemoCard.

Create learning groups

Once you have registered, you will find "Your learning groups" in the main menu. There you can create a new learning group or manage an existing one. You can create different folders, e.g. for different classes, and create one or more learning groups in each folder.

How to create single folders, you will find hier .

Create learning groups in the folders
To create a learning group in the folder, select the folder where you want to create the learning group again.

In the text field "Create new learning group" below the folders you can enter the name of the new learning group and click on "Save". The new learning group will be created.

On the right side you will see the newly created learning group.

Your learning group overview

With Move you can move the learning group to another folder. And Edit lets you add or remove users and flashcards.

Add or remove flashcard sets from a learning group

If you click on the flashcard sets, you can select the flashcard set you want to add to the learning group in the "Choose card set" section. Then click on "Add flashcard set". You can add one or more sets of flashcards to a learning group, and you can also delete added sets of flashcards.

Add flashcards to learning groups

Add or remove members of a learning group

Click on "Members" and you will come to the mask where you can edit the members.

Add members to learning group

Under "Email Address" you can enter the email address of the member and under "Role" you choose Administrator / Editor / Member. Depending on the role, this member has different rights to edit the learning group. See also Learning groups in general

Above you can see the invited members and their roles. You can also see if the email has been sent and if the member has already joined the learning group.

You can delete the members here or assign them another role.

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