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Creating a folder structure for flashcard sets

On MemoCard you can categorize your flashcard sets or learning groups in folders according to subjects or learning areas. This will give you a better overview of your flashcards and help you find them more easily.

How to create a folder

Folder structure for your flashcards
If you are using MemoCard for the first time and go to "My flashcard sets", you will see Your Folder on the left.

Your main folder "Flashcard Sets" already exists. You can neither delete it nor rename it.

If you want to create a new folder, select the folder and write the name of the new folder in the field below, then click "Save".
Rename or delete folders
The new folder is created, and you can create new folders according to the same principle.

The new folder is always saved in the selected folder.

To the right of the folder name you now have two menu buttons to choose from.

With Delete flashcard you can delete the folder. (Attention: The card sets contained in this folder will also be deleted. Before you delete a folder that still contains flashcards, you should move the flashcards first.)

With Edit flashcard you can rename the folder.

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